Book Reports

I have been so impressed with the effort that the kids have put into their book reports this last month.  Thank you for helping your child feel and be successful.  Watching them present in front of their peers is priceless.  They are gaining so much confidence and we have several that are born to be public speakers!  Can I say “President” some day? :)

MONDAY your child will be bringing home their next book project to get started on so be sure to check their backpack!


Week 2

What an amazing group of 3rd graders we have here at Ascent Academy in Farmington. They are caring, happy and hard working which makes for a fun bunch to spend the day with.  We are currently benchmark testing which takes quite a bit of time per student. All of our data needs to be collected by September 15th so we are working quickly to meet that goal. Thank you for having your child well rested so that they can do their best on these assessments.

Homework in ELA will start next week.  Continue with the 20 minutes of reading every night as always. I will give a Spelling test next Friday and from there I will make your child’s list.  I will send this list home with them the following Monday along with activity choices as homework to help study their words.


I’m so happy to be teaching 3rd grade ELA and Social Studies at Ascent Academy here in Farmington, UT. Teaching is the  best job in the world. I can’t imagine doing anything as an occupation that could be more gratifying. I’m so thrilled to be a part of Ascent Academy and am anxiously  awaiting getting to know my new students and their families.