Multiplication Celebration

On Thursday, we will be having our Multiplication Celebration from 2 – 3. Students will be celebrating the multiplication facts they have learned by eating a banana split. Each ingredient had to be earned by passing off their Kicking It Belts. Many students still need to pass off their belts. Homework for the past 3 weeks has been practicing your multiplication facts. The students will have until Thursday to pass off their levels. Even tomorrow at the park, they will be able to take a minute and pass them off. This is a 3rd grade required math standard to be fluent with their multiplication facts and it is important that each student learn them. They will need to know these for 4th grade math.

If you would like to donate food or paper good items or volunteer to help with our Multiplication Celebration, you can sign up at the link below. Thank you in advance!!

Multiplication Celebration Sign Up

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May 22 – May 26

This is our last full week of school, and it is going to be a crazy one!! Today we started off the week with our Camping Adventures. We sang songs, told scary stories, made a craft, went on a scavenger hunt, and finished by reading under the “stars.” Tomorrow is our End of Year Celebration at Forbush Park. We will leave the school around 10 am to walk there. Thank you to all the volunteers who are helping us tomorrow.

On Wednesday we will be watching a movie with the 4th grade. We will be watching Monsters University. Students may bring a pillow and blanket to lay on, but NO FOOD. It is also our SEM Expo that night from 5:30 – 7. Please come see what we have been doing throughout the year with clusters and other school programs.

On Thursday, we will be having our Multiplication Celebration from 2 – 3. Students will be celebrating the multiplication facts they have learned by eating a banana split.

And on Friday we will be having Field Day! This will be held in the morning for K-5. Hopefully  the weather cooperates!

Thanks for an amazing school year! It has been an adventure! Remember our last two days of school are May 30th and May 31st. These are Early Out days with school being dismissed at 12:30.

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May 8 – May 12

We are on our last week of SAGE testing!! Thanks to all those students who have been working hard and during your best. Testing can be exhausting, but you have all done an amazing job! Any student that does not finish their testing this week will have the opportunity to finish next week, May 15 – 18. We will be testing this week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45 – 10:00. Please be on time to school! If needed, we will also have SAGE testing on Friday from 8:45 – 9:45.

This Tuesday will be the last library day of the year for Mrs. Laybourne’s homeroom and the last Humanities day for my homeroom. My homeroom will have their last library day on Monday, May 15th. Please make sure to bring your library books on those days so we can get them all turned in.

Two permission slips were sent home last week for our upcoming field trips. Please make sure to get them signed and turned in by this Wednesday, May 10th. If you have misplaced them, you can click on the links below to print them at home.

Living Traditions Permission Slip

End of Year Field Trip to the Park Permission Slip

Also, please keep practicing your multiplication facts. Our celebration is Thursday May 25th. You need to practice these at home so you are able to pass them off during school. The volunteer sign up has been updated with times for the upcoming week. Please visit the Volunteer Page on the blog for the link. Thank you for coming in and helping us out!



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May 1 – May 5

Homework for the rest of the school year will be to practice your Multiplication Facts every night. No one has reached their Black Belt levels yet, so everyone has facts to practice. Remember…. our Multiplication Celebration is coming up and you only get what you earn. In order to get your complete banana split, you must reach your Black Belt! We have been practicing these all year, so work hard to finish up!

Under the Math page on my blog I have posted flashcards for each belt level. This will help break down all the multiplication facts into smaller groups. We have 3 weeks left, so spend some time practicing. I am not asking you to turn in a paper that shows how much time you spent practicing, please just spend some time on your math facts. You need to know these for 4th grade!!

We are working on our SAGE writing this week. Everyone is working hard. Please remember to get plenty of sleep each night so you are well rested in the morning. Next week we will finish up our SAGE with math. If you are going to be absent anytime during our SAGE tests, please let us know ASAP so we can arrange for you to take your test at another time.

Thanks for working so hard this year. It is hard to believe we are down to the final month of school!


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April 24 – 28

This week is the start of our SAGE testing. Please make sure you get plenty of sleep so you are not tired in the morning. Also, please make sure to eat breakfast, so you are not hungry during the test. We have been practicing and reviewing a lot so I know you will all do your best! Just remember to take your time and do not rush through the questions. SAGE testing will take place this week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45 – 10am. Please do not be late for school. Testing will start promptly at 8:45.

Homework this week will be Moby Max – TEST PREP. This is a review of all our third grade concepts that we have been learning this year. You will need to complete 15 minutes each night (Monday – Thursday) for a total of 60 minutes. It starts out with multiplication review so that will also help you as we are finishing up learning all our multiplication facts.

Volunteers are greatly needed during the next few weeks for our Kicking It Fact Fluency program. Our TA has been doing an amazing job on working with the students, but with the start of  SAGE testing, she will not be available to work with the students as often as she has been. The Volunteer page on the blog has been updated with the times that we need help for passing off our Kicking It Levels. If you have time during the next few weeks to help us out, it would be greatly appreciated. Even if you cannot stay the full hour, anytime during those times would help.

Permission slips for our Multiplication Celebration will be sent home on Monday, April 24th. Please sign it and return it, no later than Friday, May 5th. Donation sign ups for food and other items will be added next week. It is scheduled for Thursday, May 25th, from 2 – 3 pm. Here is the link for the permission slip in case it gets lost on the way home from school.

Banana Split Celebration 16-17

We also have a field trip planned for Friday May 19th. We will be attending a Living Traditions Festival in Salt Lake City. More information will be coming, but I wanted to give you a heads up on the date so you can make arrangements if you are interested in joining us as a chaperone. We will be leaving the Farmington Frontrunner Station at 8:40 that morning and returning sometime between 1:30 – 2:30. We have not decided on an official return time as of yet. Remember, you must have a background check completed through the school in order to be a chaperone. You are still welcome to join us if you do not have one, but you will be paired with another parent that does have one completed. Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding the background check.

Thanks! And I hope everyone has an amazing week!

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April 3 – 7

What a fun and amazing day we had on our field trip! A big THANK YOU to all our chaperones for helping out today. Also, THANK YOU to all the students who behaved so well today and made the day enjoyable. The Leonardo trip was fantastic!

This week for homework will be Prodigy. Please try to complete 45 minutes total this week. This is a great review for our upcoming SAGE test in May.

Posted below is a link for the testing schedule for our school. Please plan on having you student in class on those days. It is extremely difficult to make up a missed SAGE test. Please let me know if you have any questions.

SAGE Schedule

Remember, next week is Spring Break. There will be no school from April 10 – 17. We will return back to school on Tuesday, April 18th.


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March 27 – 31

This week, homework will be 15 minutes of Prodigy. Yes! I want you to play games for homework :)  Prodigy has a Test Prep section that will help you get ready for our upcoming Math SAGE test in May. This should be a fun review for you. Prodigy can be accessed through the LINKS page on my blog. If you do not remember your logon information, please send me an email and I will send you your information.

Please check the Calendar page for upcoming events. It has our Library and Humanities schedule, tutoring schedule, dress down days and early out days. Also, keep checking the Volunteer page for any times we need volunteers. I update it on a weekly basis.

We are off to a great rainy week!

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March 20 – 24

The end of term is this Wednesday, March 22. It’s hard to believe there is 1 term left in school!

Homework this week will be 10 minutes of multiplication fact fluency. You can use Moby Max Fact Fluency, flashcards, Math Magician or Fruit Splat Multiplication (both of these can be found on the Links page of my blog), or anything else you have to practice your multiplication. I will be adding our Kicking It pages to the blog later this week so you can start practicing your facts in the order of the belts. A tracking page was sent home today to help track the minutes and what was used to practice your facts. This should be turned in on Friday. If you misplaced your tracking page you can reprint it by clicking this link:   Fact Fluency Tracker

If any of you have empty Crystal Light containers (please see the picture below) and do not have a use for them, I would love them! We use them in our fact fluency station and other math activities. I am out of my containers and really need some more. Both 3rd grade classes are also in desperate need of more white copy paper. If you would be willing to send any packages of copy paper to school it would be greatly appreciated!

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March 13 – 17

Homework this week will be Moby Max MATH, for 10 minutes each night.

Next week is the end of 3rd term! I cannot believe how fast the term went. We are on the countdown to the end of the school year. We will be having a Vacation Station/Task Completion Day tomorrow. Students will have a chance to complete their missing work. All missing work must be turned in by Monday, March 20th.

Please check with your student and see if they have headphones or ear buds to use during class. I have had extra ones they could borrow, but unfortunately I have had 4 pair broken during the past week and am down to 4. I cannot keep buying more to keep in class. The students use these every day and need to have their own to use and be responsible for. They will also need their own for the upcoming Sage tests in April/May. It would be great if every student had their own.

Permission slips for our upcoming field trip have been sent home. Please sign it and send it back to school by Friday, March 24th. You will need to have a background check if you want to be a chaperone. This field trip should be lots of fun and I know the students are excited for it. Here is the link for the permissions slip if you need to print another one.

Leonardo MuseumPermission Slip

This Friday, March 17th is early out and a FREE dress down day! Remember to wear green!

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March 6 – 10

Homework is posted on the blog. If you cannot print the worksheet at home, please let me know and I will give you a copy to take home tomorrow.

We have Tuesday Talk tomorrow in the morning. We also have another “B” day, so we will also have Humanities and Library again. Mrs. Laybourne’s homeroom will have their Library day tomorrow, March 7th.

Due to a meeting tomorrow, there will be NO TUTORING after school. Kicking It Fact Fluency will be on Thursday from 3 – 3:15.

On Friday we will be having a guest come in and talk to us about the air, what air quality means and how we can help improve our air. It should be a great learning activity!


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