Welcome Back!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new school year! I love teaching especially third grade. Third grade is one of my favorite grades to teach. I am excited to have your child in my class and look forward to getting to know you and your child better.

This is my nineteenth year teaching elementary school. I have taught in four schools and four grades. I grew up in Utah and Missouri. I taught in Las Vegas, Nevada for my first three years of teaching and the rest have been in Utah.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Music from Utah State University. I received my Masters in Education from Southern Utah University. I have an ESL Endorsement and a Math Endorsement.

I am also a mother of four children ages 11, 7, 4, and 2 months who keep me busy at home. Please free to contact me anytime if needed by email or phone. I usually check my emails more often then phone messages.



*  I look  forward to meeting you and your child at the Back to School Night on Monday August 21 from 5:30-7:00!

  • Also if you have any classroom supply donations, then you are welcome to bring them by the school anytime. The only item that needs to be labeled with the student name is the headphones.  Thank you.
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Biography Projects

The students did a great job on their SEM biography projects.  Students chose to do posters, slide shows, games, songs, illustrations, and written reports.  Some students even wore costumes or had props to represent his or her biographical person. They really enjoyed learning more about a person that had a similar interest.  Thank you to the parents who came to see the projects.  The students enjoyed presenting to others.  Way to go third graders!

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Field Day and Game Day May 25

Field day is coming up on Thursday May 25 from 8:45-12:00.
(Mrs. Tucker’s email)

As in years past, we are asking that students bring sunscreen, a water bottle, and towel…there will be water activities! Each grade level is asked to have their students wear a certain colored shirt, they can wear jeans or any other free dress down wear other than their shirt which would be:

Kindergarten: Yellow
First Grade: Purple
Second Grade: Blue
Third Grade: Green
Fourth Grade: Orange
Fifth Grade: Pink
6-8 is Free Dress Down
Lunch will be a little different to accommodate some of the game schedule that our parent volunteers have come up with! 6-8 will eat lunch from 11 –11:30, k-2 will have lunch from 11:30 – 12:00, and Grades 3-5 will have lunch from 12-12:30. This year’s lunch will be the same as last, an outdoor barbecue by the school garden area.
Also students may bring board games or card games from home to play in the afternoon after field day. Thank you
Mrs. Bowcutt
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All Work Due Friday May 19


Just a reminder that all work is due this Friday May 19 so that I can get the report cards ready the last week of school. This includes reading homework, math exit tickets, spelling lists on planner, and all classwork. Please check Aspire for any missing work and let me know if you have any questions. You can print off most of the work from my blog or write it on a piece of paper with the assignments labeled. Also check with your student about their biography project due Friday. Most students have been able to finish their projects in class.  In Writing we have been working on our descriptive poem books and the students are excited to bring their books home next week. Also I will be sending home more art and writing projects that I have saved from this year next week. Thanks

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Biography Project Presentation


The students have been working hard on their biography project.  I would like to invite you to come see our Biography Projects this Friday, May 19 from 2:00-2:45 in our classroom. Hope to see you there!

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Leonardo Museum Field Trip

The students had a great time at the Leonardo Museum Field Trip.   The Art in Motion Class, The Flight Exhibit and the other exhibits were amazing and very engaging for the students.  Thank you chaperones for volunteering your time to come play with us!

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Class Reward and Biography Project



Our class has earned another class reward. The class voted on bringing a favorite item to school to share with the class tomorrow Friday May 12. This item could be a stuffed animal, a picture, a small toy, a book, a game, or a special gift from someone. Please remind your student that this item should not be a big distraction to the student since they will still be required to complete their work tomorrow. Also just a reminder that the Biography Project is due Friday May 19. The students should have already completed their research on their biographical character by answering the questions on the Biography Report Packet. They have been given a lot of time in class to complete this. The biography report questions and the grading rubric is on my blog. They will need to include these items in their project: the person’s Birth date and place, Two Childhood Events, Two Important Experiences, Two Character Traits, One Challenge, and Two Achievements in their person’s life. I will plan more time next week for students to complete their projects. So if they need to bring items from home to complete their project, please send those items with your student next week. Thank you.

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Field Trip Chaperones


I am still in need of two more parent chaperones for our field trip on May 9. Please remember I cannot assign you a group of students if you have not completed your background check. You are welcome to come and I will assign you with a parent that is background checked.  Then you will have a larger group. Also the parents that have already notified me that they can chaperone, I just wanted to make sure that you are planning on riding the Trax with the class because I will need help monitoring students on the Trax train instead of you driving yourself.  We will have wristbands for the students and chaperones to wear for the Trax. Thank you.

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Fidget Spinners


I just wanted to inform you about the guidelines that I have set to have fidget spinners in the classroom. I have told the students that if they can keep the fidget low (under the tables), quiet, and are still able to pay attention and complete their work, then the fidget is working as a tool. But if not, then it is a toy that can be taken away for the rest of the day and then returned at the end of day to be kept at home. Also fidgets have been disappearing and upsetting students which causes a big distraction. So in that case it might be better for fidgets to stay at home. I would appreciate your support in this matter. Thank you.

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Clark Planetarium Field Trip May 9


The Third Grade will be going to the Clark Planetarium on May 9. I am sending home the permission and lunch order form today so please check with your student for it. It is due this Friday April 28. Also we will be taking the Trax Train instead of a bus. We will need you to drop off your student at the Trax Station located at 9700 S. and 4800 W. We will return to the same Trax Station no later than 3 pm. You will need to pick up your child at the Trax Station. If your child is going to be picked up by a daycare bus, then you will need to see if that bus can pick up at the Trax Station or make other arrangements for pick up. I will need at least 5 chaperones. Please let me know as soon as you can if can help out that day by replying to this email or writing it on the permission form. Thank you.
Mrs. Bowcutt
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