Move and Groove Cluster

On Wednesday, May 24th at 2:30pm, you are invited to come and watch your student perform The Great Kapok Tree. The showcase will be held in the gym. The students have been working hard and have created some amazing dance pieces. On the day of the performance, please have your student wear a white uniform shirt and khaki pants/shorts.

The Move and Groove Cluster has also been invited to perform the finale from The Great Kapok Tree at the SEM Expo (the same day as the dance showcase, Wednesday, May 24th). Please have your student arrive at 5:15pm to help set up and get ready to perform. The performance will be held in the gym at 5:35pm.

At your earliest convenience, please send me a quick email if your student will not be available to perform during the Move and Groove Cluster Showcase and/or the SEM Expo. We will need to realign the dance pieces for the students who will be absent.

It has been a treat working with your student! We have had a blast! Thank you!

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Happy May!

Wow! I cannot believe we are in the final month of school. It has been a pleasure working with the students.

In PE, we have started our softball unit. If you have an extra baseball/softball glove, please bring it to school. It would be nice for all the students to have a glove to practice drills and to participate in a softball game.

In Individual Lifetime Activities, the students did an amazing job with their projects. They introduced some fun activities that the class enjoyed playing. To finish up the year, we will work on team building and cooperative games and activities.

Social Dance has been invited to perform at the SEM Expo. On Wednesday, May 24th @ 5:40pm the students will showcase a swing style dance. If your student has opted to perform, please have them bring the assigned clothing (Boys: blue jeans and black or white t-shirt /Girls: 50’s style clothing or capris and polo style shirt). Please have your student at the school at 5:20 to prep and get ready to perform. Thank you!


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Happy Spring Break

Have a wonderful Spring Break! Please have a great time enjoying the time off and spending time with friends/family.

In PE, we started our soccer unit. The students are learning the basic rules as well as soccer fundamentals. When we get back from the break, we will continue with the unit for 2 more weeks.

In Individual Lifetime Activities, the students are collaborating in groups and creating a fun activity to present to the class. When we get back from the break, the students will start presenting their activities to the class. Today the students will be given an assigned day to present their activity.

On Friday, April 28th, Social Dance has been invited to perform at the school dance. The students are working on a swing style dance which is coming together. They will also teach a swing line dance to the students. Friday, April 28th is a short day—–the dance is scheduled after school. I will send out an email with more details.


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End of 3rd Term

The end of 3rd term will be on Wednesday, March 22nd. Please have all make up work turned in by Monday, March 20th. Thank you!

Now that we are outside for PE and Individual Lifetime Activities, please come prepared with sunscreen and water. We will take breaks during class to stay hydrated.

In PE, we are working on the fundamentals of flag football. The students have created football plays and will start games on Monday.

In Individual Lifetime Activities, the students are playing ultimate frisbee and are creating strategies to move the frisbee down the field.

In Social Dance, we are having a great time learning the Swing. The students have learned the basic step pattern as well as basic turns.

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March is Around the Corner!

I cannot believe March is around the corner! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will be able to go outside for PE. It will be nice to be outside in a large open space. For now, we are finishing up our volleyball unit. We have studied the history/rules of the game as well as learned the basic skills of bump, set and spike. We have had to be creative since we do not have a volleyball net. The students have been very cooperative as we have had to make some adaptations. We will have our volleyball quiz this Friday, March 3rd.  Please study your guided notes.

In Individual Lifetime Activities, we have been working on throwing and dribbling skills. The students have participated in a variety of team activities that incorporate these elements. The students also have been introduced to Yoga and Meditation.  We have a quiz this Friday, March 3rd. Please review your guided notes.

In Social Dance we are studying the Waltz. It has been fun watching the student dance the basic steps such as the Box Step, Under Arm Turn, Twinkle, and Flip Flop. We will have our written/skills test this Friday, March 3rd.

Just a friendly reminder that if you are absent in PE, please pick up a Absent Form to complete your make-up work. Thank you!

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Happy February!

This week in PE we are going over basketball fundamentals. We are working on dribbling, passing and shooting. We also have had pre-assessments on sit-up and push-up. If you have been absent, please see me after school to take care of your missed in-class assignments and pick up an absent make-up worksheet. We will finish up the unit next week and have our basketball written and skills tests on Friday, February 10th.

In dance, we are having a great time dancing the Cha Cha. We have studied the basic step, basic progressive step, cross over breaks, parallel breaks, chase and sweetheart. We will finish up the unit next week. Our written and skills tests will be on Friday, February 10th.


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New Semester!

Welcome to PE and/or social dance! We are going to have a great semester! Please have your disclosure signed and turned in by Wednesday, Jan. 25th to receive full credit. We will start dress/participation tomorrow (Jan. 23rd) so please bring your approved PE/dance uniform. The uniform is a light colored t-shirt with sleeves and dark colored athletic pants/short (school uniform length).
Parent/Teacher Conferences are February 15th-17th. On Wednesday, February 15th & Thursday, February 16th conferences will be held from 1:00-7:00pm (the JH teachers will be unavailable from 5:30-6:15pm for a dinner break) and Friday, February 17th from 1:00-4:00pm. Due to a conference conflict, I will not be available on Wednesday, Feb. 15th. I will be available to visit on Thursday and Friday. The students will be released at 12:30pm Wed-Friday that week. 
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Thank You!

Thank you for a wonderful dance showcase! The students were amazing and did a fantastic job! I am so proud of them! It as been so much fun working with your children….thank you!

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Happy January!

In health, we will be having our test on communicable and noncommunicable diseases on Tuesday, January 10th. Please study Ch 18 & 19 guided notes.

This coming Tuesday (Jan. 10th), at 7:00pm is our A3 showcase and Thursday (Jan. 12th), is our A4 showcase. Please be at the school at 6:00pm in preparation for the concert. Please bring your costumes and expression projects for in-class dress rehearsals. Thank you!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful break and enjoyed the snow. We have a few items to cover in health and dance.

In health, we are finishing up communicable diseases and will start discussing noncommunicable diseases on Wednesday. We will have a test on Monday, January 9th. Please review your guided notes.

In dance, we are getting ready for our Expression from Within showcase (A3 Class: Tuesday, January 10th @ 7:00pm and A4 Class: Thursday, January 12th @ 7:00pm). The students are working hard and have prepared their own expression piece as well as other dance pieces to perform at the showcase.

On Wednesday, January 4th, please bring the following:


70’s dance piece (70’s style clothing)

Hip Hop dance piece (black top and pants/any style of sneakers)

Contemporary dance piece (groups collaborated on a costume)

**Individual Expression Piece:

Please bring your expression piece ready to present/perform on Wednesday.


A few students need to turn in their music. Please email the music by this evening (January 3rd) so we can get it ready for tomorrow. Thank you!

On the night of the showcase, please be at the school at 6:00pm to get ready for the concert. Thank you!

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