May 30 – May 31


Tuesday, May 30th is our last Tech Reward Day that students have earned with their Dojo points. We will also be cleaning out lockers and taking care of some end-of-year tasks. For the Tech Reward Day, students are allowed to bring technology devices from home as well as pillows and blankets. Students who do not have a B.Y.O.D. policy in place will need to have games, movies, etc. saved to their devices already because they will not be able to access the school’s network. Just a reminder that food is not allowed in class during our Tech Day. Students will also be taking some time to sign yearbooks.

Wednesday, May 31st will be our fifth grade outdoor game day. We will spend our last class playing outdoor games together. Let’s play soccer, kickball, basketball, and anything else students want to play. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a water bottle as it is going to be the hottest day of the year so far. Hats are allowed.

Tuesday and Wednesday are early out days and students will be dismissed at 12:30. They are not dress down days.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Field Day

Hello!  Just a reminder about what’s happening tomorrow…

8:45-11:15 – Field Day Activities for Grades K-5 with lunch at 11:15

Tomorrow is a free dress down day.  Students may wear their swimming suits under shorts and a shirt.  I suggest sending them in shoes that can get wet and a towel.  Tomorrow is not an early out day and school will be dismissed at 3:00.

Remember that students will be taking 5 minutes during class to share a talent and teach us about it.  Students will be sharing talents and/or hobbies from 11:45-3:00.  The detailed assignment sheet was sent home with the Theme Week packet last week.  If you’ve got any questions, please email me.  This activity is supposed to be fun so tell your kiddo not to stress!

Thanks Everyone!

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May 15 – May 19


We are almost finished with testing!!  Your kiddos have worked so hard and it’s about time for some end-of-year fun!

Students will be bringing home their Theme Week packet.  Next week we will have a theme assigned to each day.  There are two permission slips in the packet for parents to sign and return to school regarding activities planned during this fun last full week of school.

Please send an email my way if you have any questions.  The schedule and permission slips are posted below if they happen not to make it home.  Let’s have a great week!

Theme Week Flyer

Food in the Classroom Parent Letter


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May 8 – May 12


We’re down to 16 days of school left!  I cannot believe how fast this year has gone… We’re right in the middle of end-of-year testing so please be sure that your kiddo has had a good nights rest, breakfast, and is at school.  We will always be testing from 9:00-10:15, two to three times a week.  This week we will test on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Mrs. Hilton’s class is testing in Math, while Mrs. Rasmussen’s class is testing in Writing.  Classes will then switch during the week of May 15th – May 19th.

Mrs. Hilton’s homeroom… Don’t forget to turn in your math study guide.  It is due this Friday, May 12th.  Mrs. Rasmussen’s homeroom will be bringing home the math study guide on Wednesday for parents to review with their child, sign, and then return to school on May 15th.

May 12 – All Library books are due
May 22 – BOGO Book fair starts
May 24 – SEM Showcase 5:30-7:30pm
May 26 – Field Day – free dress down
May 29 – NO School
May 30 – Early Out
May 31 – Early Out – Last day of school
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May 1 – May 5

Parents and Students,

Only FIVE more weeks of 5th Grade!  Just a couple of things to be aware of… Monday, Tuesday, and Friday will be Reading and Science testing from 9:00-10:15.  Please try to have your kiddos to school on time and ready to do their best.  Don’t forget earbuds or headphones!

Homework: Science Study Guides are due tomorrow, May 1st, but will be accepted for full credit any day this week.  Math: We’ll be reviewing Modules 1-4 this week in preparation for math testing that will begin on May 8th.

This Thursday will be the final day of after-school tutoring.

If you haven’t made it to see ALL SHOOK UP, the last showing will be tomorrow, May 1st at 7:00 P.M.

Let’s have a great week!

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April 24 – April 28

Hello Everyone!

I hope the weekend has been an enjoyable one!  SAGE Reading will begin on Tuesday and will continue on Thursday.  The following week, students will be testing in science.  The second and third weeks of May will be writing and mathematics testing.  Students will be bringing home a testing schedule and a copy is posted below so please try to make arrangements so that your child is at school.  Also, students are allowed to chew peppermint flavored gum while testing only.  There will also be a permission slip for you to sign indicating that this is okay with you.  If your child will be chewing gum, please send some gum to school with them.  Thanks!

Testing is stressful so be sure that kiddos are getting enough sleep and eating good breakfasts.  There will be NO HOMEWORK assigned during weeks where testing is taking place.  However, students NEED to be reviewing and studying for end-of-year testing and mastery.  I will be sending home study guides for each science unit and math module so please STUDY  :)  There will be a place for parents to initial that their child did review the material sent home.  Please initial for each section and return by Monday, May 1st.  This will count as their science homework grade.

I will be passing out a missing work notice to all students who are missing work on Monday.  Students are to find and/or complete all work listed, staple to the missing work notice, and hand in by Friday of the same week.  Students are invited to stay in during afternoon recess, if needed, to get their missing work finished.  I normally don’t allow students to stay in for recess, but finding time can be difficult during this busy time of year.

5th Grade Sage Testing


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Dear Parents,

Happy Tuesday back from Spring Break!  This Thursday we have a FREE family movie night hosted by the Ascent Archery Team.  We are watching Sing!

We will be starting at 6:00 in the gym.  Everyone in the community is welcome, so bring your extended family and neighbors.  Bring cash to buy concessions to raise money to send eight of our archers to Louisville, KY for the national archery tournament next month.  Bring your own blankets and camp chairs to sit on.  Can’t wait to see you there!



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April 18 – April 21


Are we ready to start back up tomorrow?  I certainly hope that everyone had a very enjoyable, relaxing, and safe spring break!  We only have 31 days of school left this year and it’s going to fly by… but before it all comes to an end, we’ve got a few more things to do.

This Friday we’ll be heading out on our second field trip.  A permission slip went home on the last day before our break and needs to be returned to school, signed, as soon as possible.  It you did not sign this permission slip, or it never made it home, please note the link below, print, sign, and return to school before Friday.  Also, we are asking for a $6.00 donation in order to be able to go on this field trip.  Thanks a million in advance!  The kiddos are super excited to see this educational film, enjoy some popcorn, and meet the other 5th graders from the Lehi and West Jordan campuses.

There will not be any homework assigned this week as it is a short week and I promised kiddos that there will be not be homework assigned on short weeks.  Enjoy!

Math: We’ll be finishing up Module 6 this week.  This will mark the end of math curriculum taught in 5th grade.  We’ll spend the next couple of weeks after that reviewing for end-of-year testing.  Science: We will be finishing up Electricity this week and then reviewing science concepts next week.  We will begin end-of-year science testing on May 1st, 4th, and 5th so please be sure that your child is present in the morning on those days if possible.  Math end-of-year testing will be May 8th-18th.  More specific info will be posted soon.

Movie Field Trip Form

Thanks and have a  great week!

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April 3 – April 7

Hello All!

Homework has been posted.  The 8 Science words are the last of our science vocabulary words that you need to know. Well done!

Math: Module 6

Monday: Lesson 7-8     Tuesday: Lesson 9-10     Wednesday: Lesson 11-12

Thursday: Lesson 13-14     Friday: Lesson 15-16

Science: We’ll be finishing up our unit on Magnetism on Tuesday and then jumping right into our Electricity unit.  We should be finishing up Electricity the week that we return from Spring Break… just in time to spend a week reviewing all of our units.

Thanks and enjoy this beautiful SPRING weather!

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March 27 – March 31


Sorry about the later than usual post.  Homework has been posted on the Homework page and is due this Friday, March 31st.  Homework will either be math vocabulary terms, or science vocabulary terms.  This week you will found eight math terms to define.

Math: We will begin Module 6 Lesson 1/2 on Tuesday, followed by Lesson 3/4 on Wednesday, and Lesson 5/6 on Thursday.  Because Friday is an early dismissal day, it is also our Dojo Tech Reward day so there will not be a new lesson taught.

Science: We have begun our short Magnetism unit and will finish it early next week.  We’ll start our final 5th grade unit, which is Electricity, later next week.

Thanks and have a  wonderful week!

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