This week  we did nothing special except we had the second week of clusters and it went pretty well. The category was animated characters and we had some really good drawings. The winners was squirt from Finding Nemo, Pluto, and I cannot remember the other one. We had specials and that was pretty much all we did that week.


        This week we had our first clusters of the 3rd cluster unit! I got into competitive drawings and my teacher is Mr.Kravetz. It is really fun but the time went by super fast and we voted on all of our Medieval drawings. The winner was a 5th grader that I do not know the name of, Daniel Richardson from Mr.Kravetz, and Phoenix from Mrs.Myers. Cason, Sophia and Metijce all made the soccer team and have had 4 practices. Their first game is next Monday. We got an announcement that we will be going to the new movie Boss Baby and April 6rd. Last, it was St.Patrick’s Day and I hope you guys do something fun for it. That is all that happened this week.


This week was pretty good because on Monday we had a big assembly that made us miss science and history. We also had great artist so we went into some of our math time. Tuesday and wednesday were the same as a regular week but wednesday we did not have clusters but we will be starting them soon. Thursday was picture day and we also got a free dress down day so that was pretty dope. Last, Friday we got to have Sub Zero come to our school and make a ton of different ice cream and then eat it. Then we got Fun Friday. This week was a really good week. Last, we had our sound projects and they turned out really weird but some were cool. That is all.


 What happened this week was we had our Valentines party! Here are some pictures of the VFile_003alentines party and what we did.

  The Valentines party was a lot of fun and I could tell that everyone had a lot of fun. It seems like Tyler, Kayden and Anthony got diabetes fromFile_000 all the stuff that was on their cookie. After the cookies, we went to P.E and I am surprised that no one threw up. When we came back from lunch, we watched soul surfer with cool ranch doritos, hot chilli doritos and nacho cheese doritos. The rest of the week was short days so not much happened. We listened to more of the book Wonder and I cannot wait for the movie. The last thing that happened was parent teacher conference. That is all that happened.

By Kyson

This week we had the chance to go to the Leonardo museum and I think the best part was probably roaming the museum freely. I also liked lunch because we got a break from learning and most of the lunches looked delicious. Another thing that is happening on Friday is that our book reports are due. I started with the field trip this week instead of monday because it was the highlight of the week. Most weeks I will start from monday and go up.

   This monday was like most other mondays, where you have to go to school from a 3 day weekend. The most exciting thing that happened this week was we decided to listen to wonder. It is about a boy that was born with a face disorder and he has to make through the life of middle school. There are good times and bad times. It is a wonderful book so far. This monday had great artist and that is about it.

     Tuesday we had music and then we did are investigation for the persians war and then we had P.E shortly after. The day after that was normal. We had P.E again and we played dodgeball. Wednesday we had clusters like we always do and we started the lab for seasons and Earth’s tilt.

     Thursday we made a comic strip for the persians wars and we had Music. Friday was what I said but we finished our work and then had Fun Friday. We got to go outside and most of us played football but some did not want to. That is all that happened this week

By Leah

Our Valentine’s party is tomorrow, so we need to get permission from our parents, in order to watch the movie and eat snacks. The permission slips was sent out on Bloomz and Mr.O sent out to each of our parents on their emails. We also have our studies weekly 7 due this week. Next week, we have our book reports due. This week we also have Parent Teacher Conference, so that means we have Wednesday through Friday are all early outs. Students will be showing work we have been doing all year long.

Last week, we went on a field trip to the Leonardo Museum. We made a light spectrum, then we explored the museum with our groups. It was very fun! Afterward we ate lunch, then we got on the bus and drove back. When we got back to school, we went to recess. Afterward we did checkouts. Then we had Fun Friday, we got to play outside.

We also made comics about the Persian War for history. They are very exciting! I am guessing, that we all put modern day language in our comics. Which made it funnier because it all happened in BCE.

Today, we took a science test about the change in seasons. I have a feeling we all did pretty well on it, even though it was a very fast unit. That´s what we will do this week, and what we did last week.

By Leah

Our Valentine’s party is on the fourteenth of this month. At the beginning of the day, before lunch, we are decorating cookies, and playing games. After lunch, we will be watching Soul Surfer. Students will get the privilege to bring their individual snacks to snack on during the movie. It will be a very fun party! The day after that is Parent Teacher Conference. As you know, we do student lead so students are in charge of showing their work to their parents. On a happy note, Wednesday through Friday are all short days!

As a class we have started to read the book, Wonder. Mr. Otterstrom announced that we might be able to go see the new movie for a field trip if it comes out before the school year ends.

We also have started a new topic in science. We are now learning about how the tilt of the Earth affects the seasons.

For history we expanded our knowledge on the Greek gods. We got put into groups and we made posters on different Greek gods. Then we went around the room and took notes on each of the eight different Greek gods.

By Kyson

This week was super dull except the fact that we had a short day instead of full. Monday was nothing exciting because we had to go back to school. Tuesday was pretty much the same as monday except we had Library and P.E. We also started to work on our god/goddess posters and my group picked the god Poseidon. There were multiple other god/goddess that got picked. There was Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Athena, Ares, Apollo, Aphrodite and then of course, Zeus. From just looking at them, they were really good. Wednesday was the best day besides Friday because, we had P.E at the beginning, then we had science and it went into History time so we only had to do our studies weekly, then math was super easy and then we got to do Daily 5. After that we had recess, lunch and clusters. Thursday was normal except we had math sage. We all improved but we also got some super high scores. Leah, Caden, Ryker and I were the highest scores and followed up by many others that got good scores. Friday we had a short day and not much really happened. That is all that happened this week.