It is the New Year and we have started with a bang. We are working on Argumentative writing and we have our first writing due Wednesday the 10th. In math we are learning about positive and negative number and we will be learning about coordinate plains.

Field trip

Wonder movie slip

Just a reminder about our field trip coming up. We will be going to see the movie “Wonder” on Tuesday, Nov. 21st. They were read the book last year as a 5th grade and we are excited to be able to take them to the movie. Plan their lunch as usual – we will be returning before their lunch period. Also, their is a sign-up in the office if you would like to attend (the cost is $5.50). You would need to drive yourself, but we would like all students to take the bus. Their concessions will be open if your child would like to purchase treats. We will be leaving between 8:30 and 9:00.


NaNoWriMo has started. Student have all agreed to type 20,000 word each for the month of November. To do this Students need to type 667 word per day. We don’t edit until December and January so no editing until then, this is a time for quantiy over quality. THe web site to enter you word count of the day is ywp.nanowrimo.org.

A new week

We have had a great time so far this year, our writing piece for last week was about an old rusty lock I found, and they had to write it into a story. Some of the story I have received are fantastic and fun to read, once I have permission from some of the writers I will post them to the blog for you to read.

This weeks writing is about point of View and student need to work with their partner to write a fairy tale. Let’s hope that these stories are just as great.

Week two

I am pleased to announce that we have elected our class representatives. They are Madilynn for Class Student rep, Ashley for Vice President, and Paige for Class President. Also I have sign all of my student up for MobyMax and they should be practicing 10 of math, and 10 min of reading stories a night, for a total of 50 minutes a week.

A New Year Has Started!!!!!!

We have started another year here at Ascent. I look forward to a eventful year, and seeing the growth of each of our students. We will be starting special next week along with beginning benchmarks. If you haven’t sign up for our class Bloomz please do so at your earliest convenience so we may keep in touch. Students will be able to elect their class representative on Friday, speaks will be given on Thursday. Any student may try out and I look forward to hearing their speak.