Statistics Project

Students have a Statistics project due Friday, but after today’s classes I noticed students have been working hard on their projects. I have decided to give them until Tuesday to have it completed. They have been working very hard on this and need extra time. I also have the requirement they need to turn in listed here.


1-Title Page: have a title for your project, and the names of the student in your group.

2- Question page: have the big question, and the follow up questions.

3- Data pages: this may be move than 1 page, but it must have all of the graphs and data collected.

4- Conclusion page: must have paragraph explaining your answer, follow by the Mean, Median, Mode, and range of your data.

5- they also need a way to present their finding. (poster,powerpoint)


We’re Back

We are back and running after Spring break I hope everyone had a great time. This week we will be having Great Artist on wednesday, we also will be starting the big statistics project in math. Student should bring home instructions on Tuesday.

Field Trip

We’re going to the Planetarium on March 29th to watch a presentation in the Hansen Dome at 9:30am and an Imax movie at 11am. Students will have time in between presentations to visit the museum and buy concessions for the Imax, and they will have a little time after to visit the rest of the museum.

We will be taking the Trax at the 4800 W Old Bingham Station at 7:56am so students need to be dropped off at the station between 7:30am – 7:45am. We will arrive back at the same station about 2:20pm for students to be picked up and taken to the school or checked out. In addition, we will be eating lunch during the Imax presentation so each child will need to bring a lunch or buy a sack lunch from the school.

Field Trip

I am pleased to announce that we will be going on a field trip to Clark Planetarium on March 28. Students will be bringing home a permission slip soon with the rest of the information on it, so please be on the lookout for it.


It is the New Year and we have started with a bang. We are working on Argumentative writing and we have our first writing due Wednesday the 10th. In math we are learning about positive and negative number and we will be learning about coordinate plains.