Happy Summer!

I loved being your teacher this year! It has been such an adventure learning and growing with each and every one of you. Continue to challenge yourself, be proactive, be kind, and never stop learning! I love you all! Have a beautiful summer!

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Ice Cream Sundaes!

IMG_20170526_115603666_BURST002 IMG_20170526_115114148 IMG_20170526_120131931 IMG_20170526_115047457_HDR

Our class had so much fun making and eating their ice cream sundaes! I am so proud of how hard they all worked to earn those toppings! Way to go!

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Field Day!

IMG_20170525_101045416 IMG_20170525_100945199 IMG_20170525_095109489 IMG_20170525_092714708 IMG_20170525_092009422 IMG_20170525_090042135 IMG_20170525_113032323 IMG_20170525_112705892 IMG_20170525_111653302 IMG_20170525_101045416 IMG_20170525_100945199 IMG_20170525_095109489 IMG_20170525_092714708 IMG_20170525_111602375 IMG_20170525_111405094 IMG_20170525_111314006 IMG_20170525_111202643 IMG_20170525_103250217 IMG_20170525_103137319 IMG_20170525_103120219 IMG_20170525_103057056

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Planet Expression Projects!

IMG_20170524_130720594 IMG_20170524_130821015 (1) IMG_20170524_130759823

Thank you for coming to view our Planet Expression Projects! The students learned so much about their planet and expressed their knowledge with posters, games, products, and PowerPoints!

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Black Out Poetry

IMG_20170517_130423172 IMG_20170517_130438531

Today, our class learned about Black Out Poetry! We ripped out pages from some older chapter books and chose specific words to include in our poems. Then, we used a dark marker to “black out” the rest of the page. We had way too much fun with this project.

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Permission to Party!

Please sign and return the following permission slips by Friday, May 19th.

Click here to access the permission slip for May 24th’s End of Year party.

Click here to access the permission slip for May 26th’s Ice Cream Sundae party.

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3rd Grade Spelling Bee

The 3rd graders at Ascent Academy West Jordan will be having a Spelling Bee! Our Bee will “bee” on May 22nd from 1:45-2:45. Click here to access the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade words we’ll be using in the Spelling Bee. Good luck!

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Multiplication Monsters!

IMG_20170511_162508584 IMG_20170511_162519020

This week, our class created monsters using multiplication. We rolled dice to find our factors, then multiplied to find our product. The products told us how many horns, eyes, fangs, etc. to put on our monsters. Rawr!

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Clark Planetarium Field Trip

photo (7) photo (3) photo (6) photo 20170509_084651 20170509_085849

Our 3rd grade field trip to the Clark Planetarium was “Out of This World”!

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Sun and Shadows

IMG_20170504_143553119 IMG_20170504_143610681 IMG_20170504_143603060

Today we used our shadows to discover that when the sun is high in the sky, our shadows are short. When the sun is low in the sky, during dawn and dusk, our shadows are long. We are also using vocabulary, such as opaque and transparent, to discuss new heat and light concepts.

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