Field Trip

I hope everyone had a good time at the Natural History Museum. If you did the extra credit make sure to turn it in.

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Field Trip – Permission Slip

Here is the worksheet if your child is missing their’s.

Permission Slip: Parent-Permission-Form-for-Field-Trip-Natural History Museum

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Field Trip – November 2nd (Thursday)

Next Thursday (Nov 2) we will have the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City. This will be a great learning experience. Permission forms went home today. Please have your student return these asap.

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Last week until end of term

This is the last week of term. Please check your grades and see where you stand. If you are failing please talk to me so we can figure out how to get you passing. If you have turned everything in and are really close to the next grade level that you’d like to get to you have one option. You may come up with a project that shows a higher level of understanding/dedication. Check with me first and then if you can complete your idea before the end of the term that could get you to the next level.

Please don’t feel your grade is set. You can always achieve higher.

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Left behind items

Today there were 4 items left behind in class: earbuds, cellphone case, calculator (blue Casio) and Samsung computer charger. Please come talk to me so you can get them back.

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Welcome Students!

Welcome to a new year at Ascent Academies! I hope everyone has a great year as you explore new science you’ve never done before. If you ever need to contact me feel free to email me at: For my blog the majority of the time you will find your class information using the tabs for your specific class (i.e. “7th Integrated”). The main post area will usually only be used for major changes that affect all classes.

If you haven’t already done it already you need to click on this link Disclosure Agreement read through it and type both your names, student and parent/guardian, then submit. We’re trying to do all digital for this form for record keeping and to save on paper.

Thank you and I hope you have a great year!

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The End is Fast Approaching

With the end of the school year coming up really soon first of all I wanted to say thank you for working so hard throughout the year. We have some fun things going on for all of the classes. Because the end of the year is so close I wanted to let you know that all assignments must be turned in no later than Thursday, May 25.

Thursday and Friday next week students have been given a permission slip to take home that needs to be signed. These must be returned by Thursday for 8th and 9th, Friday for 7th grade. The permission slip allows students to bring 1 clear drink (water, Sprite, etc.) and 1 food item (no peanuts or popcorn). Students can turn these in any day including days they don’t have my class. Just bring them to me. Thank you.

7th Permission Slip: 7th Integrated Science Review and Discussion – Parent Permission Form for In Class Food Activity

8th Permission Slip: Film Festival – Parent Permission Form for Food in Class

9th Permission Slip: Biology Review and Discussion – Parent Permission Form for In Class Food Activity

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End of Term Opportunity

This applies to all grades 7th – 9th. With the end of the term coming up I’m giving an opportunity to help you get your scores up. If you choose you may create an experiment at home that tests at least 1 variable and can be applied to something you’ve learned or will learn about this year. You need to keep track of your work, submit details of what you did and take pictures. Submit this electronically and if the quality if good enough I will raise your grade one level (e.g. B+ to A-, D to D+, B- to B).

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Progress Reports

I am sending home progress reports for all students. 7th grade was sent home on Friday. 8th and 9th are being sent home today, Monday, the 13th. Please read through these and sign them. I don’t give extra credit very often, but students will get 5 points if they have these signed and sent back by the next class.

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Parent Teacher Conferences – Next Week

Parent teacher conferences will take place next week Wednesday and Thursday (2/15,2/16) from 1:00-7:00pm (5:00-5:45pm dinner break for teachers). Appointments are required to be 10 minutes or less. If you have any questions about this or would like to email me at please do so. Note: There are limited appointments on Friday between 1:00-4:00pm. If you would like to meet on Friday you must reserve a time.

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