Wrapping Up!

Our school year is winding down, and we are getting ready for summer vacation.  Here is an update on what to look for during the remainder of the year:

Homework — We will have no homework for the remainder of the year; during the week of May 15, I will send home a planner, but there will be no planner the week of May 22.  Please make sure to turn in any missing or redone assignments by May 25.

Biography Project — Students will be able to work on Biography Projects during language arts time this week.  We will present projects in class on Friday, May 19 starting at 12:30 pm.  Parents are welcome to come and see the presentations.  Chick here for the Rubric and Project Choices.  I will have materials available in class.  Students are welcome to bring additional “special” materials that they need.

Upcoming Fun

Tuesday, May 16, 9 am:  Talent Show

Thursday, May 18,  9 am:  Beauty and the Beast Play

Monday, May 22, 1:45 pm:  Third Grade Spelling Bee

Tuesday, May 23, 9:00 am:  Spring Music Performance

Wednesday, May 24, 1:45 pm:  “Sun Day” End of Year Party Click Here to Help or Donate

Thursday, May 25:  Field Day and Class Game Day.  Students may bring board games.

Friday, May 26:  Yearbooks and Class Autographs

Monday, May 30:  Read-a-thon in the morning; The Waterhorse movie in the afternoon (Students may bring a pillow, blanket, stuffed animal and a personal snack.)

Tuesday, May 31:  Last Day of School!!!

I will send permission slips for the class party and movie on Monday.  If your student does not get a copy, you can download them here:  MovieClass Party.

Thank you for all your help and for the privilege of teaching your child this year!


Mrs. Richardson

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Biography Project Update

Students are very excited about their upcoming biography project.  We have been reading and researching about our subjects in class, and this week I will give student’s the expression choice board so that they can decide on a project if they have not already done so.  We are going to present the projects in class on Friday, May 19.  Parents are welcome to come and watch the presentations.

Here are the biography project requirements, and the expression choice board.  Remember, students will be able to work on these in class. If they need additional help at home,that is fine, but please encourage students to do as much on their own as possible.

Biography Project 2017

Biography Expression Board

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April 24 Update

Time is really beginning to fly by for us in third grade.  We are down to 27 days left in the year!  We have several fun activities coming up, as well as a little more science content to get through before we hang up our thinking caps for the summer.

This next week we will wrap up our geometry unit with a “Robot” project, which I use as the final test for this unit.  Students create a robot using rectangles with specific areas and perimeters, and then create a habitat for it using geometric shapes.  Students usually enjoy this math project, and I think it is a great break for them since they have just finished SAGE testing.

Our third grade SAGE tests are largely complete.  One or two students who were absent during testing will be finishing up during the  coming week.  Our class really nailed the math section, and struggled somewhat with language arts.  Scores are finalized over the summer, and you should receive a report on how your student did at your fourth grade parent teacher conferences.

Many of you have already returned the permission slip for our Clark Planetarium field trip.  If you have not, please print a copy here and return it by this coming Friday: Planetarium Fieldtrip Permission Slip

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Happy Spring!

We are returning to school on Tuesday, and we will be wrapping up our SAGE testing this week.  Believe it or not, there are only 32 days of school remaining!  Third grade has been a wonderful year, and I look forward to finishing the year on a high note.  This week we will concentrate in completing SAGE testing and getting back into the school groove.  Our testing is Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning.  We will have additional time for students who need it on Friday, but anticipate most students finishing in the second session.

During April we will concentrate on the following areas:

Math:  Skills for solving word problems, area and perimeter final project.  Introduction of graph skills.

Science:  Forces and Motion and simple machines

Language Arts:  Fluency, flow, and phrasing in reading.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to all those who send cards, gifts, or notes during teacher appreciation week.  These acknowledgements mean so much to me, and I appreciate your support of our classroom.  Thank you so much for trusting me with your children this year.

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Spring Break Is Coming Up

It is one week to Spring Break, and it is going to be an important one.  We are learning about the relationship — or lack thereof! — between area and perimeter and doing a quick introduction to various graphs.  We will also be taking our SAGE Reading tests on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon.  Students have been taking their time and doing a good job overall.  We reviewed reading and test taking strategies, and I know all the students will do their best.

Spring Breaks starts on Friday at 3 pm!  We will return to school on Tuesday, April 18th, rested and ready to work.  I hope you will all have a wonderful and relaxing time with your families.

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SAGE Season is upon us!

Can you believe we have already completed 3/4 of third grade?  Neither can I!  I have been excited to see your students make so much progress during the year.  They have been an incredible class, and it is a privilege to teach them.  It is now that time of year where we start SHOWING WHAT WE KNOW!!

That’s right, SAGE tests are here.  I will keep you updated if schedules change, but basically we will complete SAGE Writing this coming week, on Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon, with additional times for students who need it on Thursday and Friday.  Students have been doing a great job with their writing, and I am expecting great things.  The following week we will take our SAGE Reading test on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon.  We take SAGE Math after spring break.

The best things to do to help your child do well are to make sure they get plenty of rest, a good breakfast, and plenty of active time after school.  Reassure them that while SAGE is important, the best way to succeed is to relax, and then put in their best effort.

Good luck everyone! I know we are going to do just fine.

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It’s Spirit Week!

This week is spirit week.  Click on the flyer below for a list of the dress for each day.  In our class this week we will be starting a new math unit.  Because we are very close to our end of year testing for 2017, I have decided to skip directly to Unit 7 in math, so we will begin covering geometry (shapes) and perimeter this week.  We will go back to Unit 6, which covers data and graphs, after completing Unit 7.  This will have the added benefit of giving us a little extra time with the data and graphs at the end of the year.

Speaking of end of year testing … Our SAGE writing and reading tests are scheduled for the weeks of March 27 and April 3 respectively.  We will do some practice and some test strategy review in class this week.  The best strategies for student success are to be well rested, relaxed, and careful!

Term 3 ends Wednesday, and most scores have been entered. I have a two writing assignments and some corrected/missing work to enter before grades are finalized on Friday.  If you check your student’s grade today, it is an excellent indicator of what their end of term 3 grade will be.  Please check Aspire and contact me with any questions.

A final note for this week, student’s completed their Fraction (Unit 5) math test last week, and I was very proud of the scores.  More than half the students scored over 80% on their first try.  I gave a chance for any student with a score below 80% to make corrections, and most were able to achieve a higher score.  This test will be entered in the term 4 grade, so that students can have a chance to turn in test corrections if needed.  Be looking for it to come home this week!

Spirit Week


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Spring Forward!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Don’t forget to move your clocks forward an hour today so that everyone gets to school on time Monday! 🙂

This week we are finishing up our fraction unit!  Overall students have understood this unit well, because it is very visual.  The hardest concepts were equivalent fractions and fractions on a number line.  Our test will be Wednesday, with review in class Monday and Tuesday.  There will be no daily homework this week, but a review page for our math is posted on the Homework page if you would like to review it with your child.

Term 3 is coming to a close on March 22.  I will enter items completed up to this Friday, March 17 in the term 3 grade — with the exception of the Unit 5 math test which will be entered in Term 4 so that students can have a chance to make corrections. Please have any missing or corrected work in to me by March 17.

And lastly, don’t forget our field trip on March 16.  We will be going to the Leonardo Museum to see the Flight exhibit.   If you have signed up to chaperone, be looking for an e-mail with a detailed itinerary and your groups.  We do have room for chaperones to ride on the buses this trip, so plan to meet at the school at 8:45 am so we can divide into groups and load on the bus about 9:00 am.

Thank you again for all your help!

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In Like a Lion!

March is here!  Along with unpredictable weather and daylight savings time we are finishing fractions, starting our geometry unit, and continuing our study of living and non-living things, habitats, and food chains.  Our big focus for this month will be informative and opinion writing, as we will be taking our SAGE writing test at the end of the month.

Our current term ends on March 22; please have any missing or corrected work in by March 17.


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Time Flies When You Teach Third Grade!

Can you believe that we only have three weeks left in Term 3?  Time has flown by!  We have only two weeks remaining on our Fractions Unit, and we have completed our Cultures & Communities unit, and our Literature Unit.  We finish up the fractions unit by learning the basics of equivalent fractions.  This concept can be a little challenging for students, but I expect that they will do well overall.  Also this week we will start a science unit on Living and Non-Living things, which we will complete partly during language arts to practice our reading strategies.

Thank you to everyone who attended Parent Teacher Conference.  I enjoyed talking with each of you about how your student is doing.  If you were not able to attend and would still like to meet with me, please e-mail me and we can set up a time.

The year is winding down and we could use a few supplies in the classroom if you are able to help out:  Black Dry-erase markers, glue sticks, and pencil top erasers.


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