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What Do You Know About Plants?

Check out this little video of our plant knowledge! The second graders worked together to write the last song… we have learned so much about plants! Enjoy!

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Jane Goodall Webinar

Our class had a great opportunity to watch Jane Goodall during a live on-line webinar. It was fun to see the famous chimpanzee scientist! Happy Learning!

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Second Grade Botanists

We are having SO much fun in science this week! We are learning about the life cycle of plants. There are so many fascinating facts about plants! We dissected seeds and learned about the different parts of a seed. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Second Grade Scientists Share Their Learning about the Water Cycle!

Today in class we watched a short video clip on the water cycle. What did you learn about the water cycle? Share your learning with me in the comments below!! Tell me at least one thing you learned in a complete … Continue reading

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BiteSlides are AWESOME!

Today in class we started working on making our very own slideshows about the seasons! And they look incredible so far! Here is an example of what we are making… I am so grateful for the awesome technology we have … Continue reading

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Vivaldi and the Reason for the Seasons

To go with our science unit on the seasonal cycles, we listened to some of  Vivaldi’s famous compositions known as the 4 Seasons. As we listened to these songs, the students drew their mental images. It was a fun way … Continue reading

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Today in science we had some fun getting messy! We made landforms with dirt and made predictions about the effects that water would have on the sediment. It was cool to see erosion in action! Here is a little video … Continue reading

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First Collaborative Wiki Page: ROCKS

Tonight’s homework is WIKI work! YAY! We are going to be editing a collaborative page about Rocks. Every student is divided into a group and will be working on that’s group Rocks page. Each student needs to contribute at least 1 fact … Continue reading

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Falling Ornaments and Flying Reindeer: Learning about Gravity

Yesterday’s science lesson was all about gravity. We made observations and predictions about falling ornaments (I had to tie in Christmas some how!) and whether or not heavy ornaments would fall faster than lighter ones- and we learned that they … Continue reading

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Hovercrafts teach us about FRICTION!

Today during science our kiddos learned about FRICTION. We talked about how friction slows or stops objects that are in motion, and when there is no friction objects will travel a lot farther.  We briefly talked about Isaac Newton’s law … Continue reading

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