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Three Digit Subtraction Rules

We have been working SO hard on different subtraction strategies. There are three subtraction rules that we have learned in class. When we have a double or triple digit algorithm where we need to subtract, we firstĀ look at the ones … Continue reading

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Carry Over

This is a cute video about carrying digits over when adding. Warning: the song is super catchy and you will be singing it all day. Which is actually great for educational purposes! šŸ™‚  

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Arrow Method

Hello! Today in math we talked about a new strategy we can use to solve addition problems- The Arrow Method or the Arrow Way. Unfamiliar with this method? Watch this little video clip to understand more! We only discussed addition … Continue reading

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Subtraction with Regrouping using Manipulatives

Today we talked about subtraction with regrouping. This is such a tricky topic! Here is a short screencast showing what regrouping LOOKS like using manipulatives. Enjoy!!!! subtracting with regrouping using manipulatives from ktoponce on Vimeo.

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A Doctor Visit, Thursday Homework, and Double Digit Addition

Hello! We were SO fortunate to have Dr. Chappell- Stella’s dad- come into our class on Wednesday! He taught us all about germs, bacteria, and eating a healthy diet. We all learned a lot! And we would love to have … Continue reading

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Module 1 Math Review Powerpoint

Here is the powerpoint we did in class today to review our first module. I had some technical issues with the animations and saving the file, so I am crossing my fingers itĀ works! module1math Happy Learning!

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Subtracting with Regrouping Using Number Bonds

Today in class we talked about how we can subtract a 2 digit number from a 1 digit number when we need to regroup using number bonds. If I need to regroupĀ I know I need to break apart my first … Continue reading

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Module 1 Lesson 7 Educreations Video

Here is a recorded video of part of our math lesson from class today. We talked about adding a 2 digit number with a 1 digit number with number bonds. Because we didn’t get through the entire lesson today, I … Continue reading

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Subtraction Powerpoint

Hello! Here is the screencast of our powerpoint on using number bonds to subtract. While there is no audio, thereĀ are someĀ cool animations!

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Our First Educreations Video!

Our first educreations video is up! What is educreations you ask? It is a VERY cool app that allows me to record my lessons so you can watch them at home (a super helpful resource while doing homework). Sadly, due … Continue reading

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