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Repeated Addition Homework Help

Sophia showed us how to do our homework tonight! Enjoy!!!! Module 6 Lesson 3 Homework Video

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Today in science we had some fun getting messy! We made landforms with dirt and made predictions about the effects that water would have on the sediment. It was cool to see erosion in action! Here is a little video … Continue reading

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First Collaborative Wiki Page: ROCKS

Tonight’s homework is WIKI work! YAY! We are going to be editing a collaborative page about Rocks. Every student is divided into a group and will be working on that’s group Rocks page. Each student needs to contribute at least 1 fact … Continue reading

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Arrow Way: Adding and Subtracting Multiples of 100

We worked hard today in math learning more about the arrow way when we add and subtract numbers. The arrow way is a step in helping kids do math mentally. Some of our kiddos have reached the point where they … Continue reading

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