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Monthly Expression: Centimeter ART!

We had SO much fun showing what we know about centimeters with art today! Students were able to choose one of three projects to complete expressing their knowledge using visual arts. As you can tell by the pictures- MOST kiddos … Continue reading

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A Doctor Visit, Thursday Homework, and Double Digit Addition

Hello! We were SO fortunate to have Dr. Chappell- Stella’s dad- come into our class on Wednesday! He taught us all about germs, bacteria, and eating a healthy diet. We all learned a lot! And we would love to have … Continue reading

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Vertical Method for Addition and Subtraction

We just finished our math assessment on number bonds. I have graded them and will be compiling some individualized math packets based on the problems your child missed on the test.  Your child will have the opportunity to earn extra credit for these … Continue reading

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Module 1 Math Review Powerpoint

Here is the powerpoint we did in class today to review our first module. I had some technical issues with the animations and saving the file, so I am crossing my fingers it works! module1math Happy Learning!

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Subtracting with Regrouping Using Number Bonds

Today in class we talked about how we can subtract a 2 digit number from a 1 digit number when we need to regroup using number bonds. If I need to regroup I know I need to break apart my first … Continue reading

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Module 1 Lesson 7 Educreations Video

Here is a recorded video of part of our math lesson from class today. We talked about adding a 2 digit number with a 1 digit number with number bonds. Because we didn’t get through the entire lesson today, I … Continue reading

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Subtraction Powerpoint

Hello! Here is the screencast of our powerpoint on using number bonds to subtract. While there is no audio, there are some cool animations!

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Our First Educreations Video!

Our first educreations video is up! What is educreations you ask? It is a VERY cool app that allows me to record my lessons so you can watch them at home (a super helpful resource while doing homework). Sadly, due … Continue reading

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Common Core Math Helps for Parents: Module 1

I wanted to share a pdf of an amazing resource designed to help parents understand the math common core. This file is for the first module, or unit, that we are studying in our class. PLEASE read it thoroughly- the math … Continue reading

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