US History

We are beginning our unit on the 13 English colonies. This should be a fun unit with lots of opportunity for creativity and abstract thinking. Students also worked on unit 1 test correction assignments. These are alternative assessments designed to allow students to express their knowledge and make up some missed points on the unit 1 test. The assignments are attached below.

Age of Exploration Map-Test Make Up Points

Unit 1 Test Make Up Assignment_Pre Columbian America

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Students have been working on their Water current event Infographics this past week. The website they are using is . An infographic is a digital marketing format that allows the viewer to better understand a topic through a visual representation. These projects are due on Monday 11/20. The criteria and rubric can be downloaded below.

Water current event_infographic

Here is the data research portion, the current event report

Water Current Event

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Geography 11/6-11/10

This coming week students will be investigating the critical global issue of water scarcity.

They will be analyzing a current water issue in a location of their choosing and evaluating the scope and severity.

The data collected about their current water issue will then be used to create a digital infographic.

The criteria and rubric can be found under the Unit 2 tab under the Geography drop down menu.

Also, here is a link to the Cycle of Insanity video they observed and took guided notes from on 11/1 (B day classes) and 11/2 (A day classes)

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End of Term

Thanks for a great term. Everyone has worked very hard and achieved so much!

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All classes: Have an awesome Fall Break! Don’t forget to complete your community service projects. If you still need pre-approval, over the break, please email me before you carry out your service.

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Geography: Students will be researching how weather conditions across the world are affected by the earth’s tilt and annual orbit around the sun. Students will record weather data from 4 different locations, 1 from each hemisphere, and produce a 5 day weather forecast for each location.


U.S History: Students have been investigating Christopher Columbus and his role as a hero or a villain. They were assigned homework on Wednesday. This assignment consists of an evidence comparison chart and a written reflection. This assignment is due Friday at the beginning of class.

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9/25 U.S. History

This week students are examining the similarities and differences between the Pre-Columbian Americas and Europe.

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9/25 Geography

This week students are wrapping up Unit 1, Intro to Geography, completing the study guide for Geo Challenge #2, South America, and preparing for the Unit 1 Test

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Geography 9/18-19

Today in class students took the Physical World Geo Challenge Quiz. The study guide can be found on the Geo Challenges tab under the Geography drop down menu. If your student was absent it is their responsibility to come before or after school to make up the quiz. After the quiz we worked on practicing using Latitude and Longitude to find locations on a map. You can find this activity under the Intro to Geography tab.

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Geography 9/8

Today in class we took a quiz on the 5 Themes of Geography. If your student was absent today or on Wednesday 9/6 (this is the day we took notes on the 5 Themes) they will be expected to make up the quiz on Thursday 9/14.

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