Beautiful Spring is here

What beautiful weather we’re having this week.  A great week to relax and gear up for the final term (April and May).  I’ve decided to paste a couple more practice pages for those of you that are interested in extra practice, especially what is coming up.  I’ve decided to try to paste them right here on this new post.  I think I’ll add a few extra pictures as well.  Let me know parents if there is anything you need…within reason….no…I can’t get you four tickets to the Bahamas..but keep up the positive thoughts.

Telling time to the half hour  (good practice).

Learning to Describe Telling Time by using the phrase…(half past).

Proud parent moment !

My daughter Rachel coming in 1st place at the Davis School District Science Fair.  Awards given to her by District Superintendent and District Science Director.

Picture YOUR Child here !!

(Very possible with your kids)

IMG_1478         IMG_1481

IMG_1369 IMG_1532

IMG_1618       IMG_1432

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Hello April

Spring Break is Here!

A few notes:

New Homework Practice posted.  Go to the above link under extra math practice.  Go to 4/1 to 4/10 and see all the new home work practice.  It’s all very good especially the last few.   Please try these.  It will help.  If you want to bring it back for me to check…okay by me, or just keep it and check the work yourself for comprehension.

Hey parents…I’ve been texting you pictures of your student in class….ones I have cell phone number of.   I’m not required to do this, but I thought you’d like some pictures that you could download and keep rather than just see the pictures on this blog.  If you don’t want me to send you pictures vis text…no problem…I’ll stop taking pictures…just let me know.  I’m doing this as a friendly EXTRA service to you.

In math we’re learning to tell time to the hour and half hour.  Help yourself to do additional practice with your child on an analog clock at home and please get one.

Thank you for the paper.  I’m done with paper.   Those of you who have given me paper.  You’re terrific!!   As a new math game, I was thinking of using “JENGA” blocks.  Before I go out and buy one or two…does anybody have a compete set they’re not using…to borrow or to donate.  It’s kind of like an engineering game in my math centers.  Sound fun?  Can you think of any other building, fun toy or game?   Please let me know.  Email or text me.

The end is coming…how sad for me.  This has been one of my most favorite years…not only because of the students but because of you.  Those of you who text me or email me with kind words, I’ll never forget your kindness.

IMG_1626    IMG_1636

IMG_1628   IMG_1621

IMG_1539  IMG_1520

IMG_1456  IMG_0110


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Progress is recognized  and noted. 

Success feels positive and good.

Take the time to smell the flowers around you…

your children.

IMG_1565 IMG_1566 IMG_1567 IMG_1568 IMG_1569 IMG_1570 IMG_1571 IMG_1572 IMG_1573

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Welcome to March


Engineering…a new math center.

Engineering Class has started

Engineering Class has startedIMG_1537 IMG_1538

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Blog Update…can you believe it?

Do you recognize this mugshot I got from the post office?


Actually you know her as Jessica Kradel 2nd grade teacher from last year.  I am fortunate to have her as a master tutor to help me with 1st grade.  She has helped me update my blog.  I know you’re thinking….it’s about time! Stay tuned for more updates as we will try to bribe her to come in more frequently.

I have learned how to add extra practice Eureka math pages to my blog under the “extra math practice” tab, and how to add photos under a tab as well. I will not print any more extra math practice…(I’m running out of copies).  I will update it by Monday evening.  Please print it for practice for your student.

I have also added technology and math links on the right side of my blog for quick access.  These are great extra math practice tools as well.  Stayed tuned for more links later on.


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January Assessments and Cold Weather

Greetings from Ascent Academy at the North Pole

My poor golf clubs are frozen…just like the rest of us.  We keep telling ourselves we need the water…okay…I think we have enough now…please turn off the faucet upstairs.

How are all of you?   A new month is upon us.   Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy.  Speaking of sickness.  Our classroom like others are experiencing more illness.  Some students have been absent numerous times.  If that is the case, please drop by and collect past due assignments and a small text to me or email letting me know how my child is doing.  Believe it or not, I truly get concerned about my little ones.  I want to know how they’re doing.  Please discuss with me how we can get these poor little sick ones back on track with their math.

I’m sorry to say that volunteering in my room has pretty much come to a stand still.  I have my two dedicated helpers every Tuesday and Friday and I don’t know what I would do without them.  Please try to come in if you can.  I could use help on the other days, especially now that I am planning on doing math centers MONDAY, TUESDAY, and THURSDAY.  I’ve redesigned my room for centers.  I’m still a bit of a rookie at it but please come in if you can.

Midyear Assessments are finally done.  Just catching up on my absent kids.  Tutoring on Tuesdays after school has resumed.  Please come in for extra practice.  We’re studying measurement, data collection and analyzes .


Review daily work sent home.  Moby Max math will be done at school, so don’t worry about that at home. Have your students study their add and subtract math facts 10 min. along with extra math practice I send home.  If you want more practice just email me or text me.

Supplies Needed:

Colored Pencils (my students are going through them fast). So is my electric pencil sharpener which is just crawling along very slowly.

I need 10 spare headphones for my Moby Max center.  I have a number of kids with broken ones or never purchased from the very beginning.  Sharing them with Mrs. Fisher’s room can be disruptive.

Issues with my computer.  Having a very hard time down loading pictures and cropping them properly for this blog.  I take the pictures from my phone and try to download them to my blog and it goes at a caterpillar pace. Be patient while I take my computer over to the Apple store while they service it.

Have a good week everyone…and don’t be a stranger.

enjoying the holiday

enjoying the holiday






The Guggisberg Kids






The Guggisberg Kids




You can tell I like kids.


Just look at what your little “Van Goghs” can do.


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Holiday and Craft Pictures



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Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a very nice holiday. It was nice seeing all the kids last week.  A lot of positive attitudes and smiling faces all week long.  I hope everyone gets the principal’s weekly messages.  Cold weather is here and we need to have all our kids dressed warmly. When it’s too cold we have an indoor recess .  We play a game, do a “Go Noodle”, maybe color or other activities.

Homework:    Please review all work daily after school.  Once in a while when I don’t have an aide or a parent volunteer, you’ll see some work come home that wasn’t checked off by me.  In that case, please check the work yourself and simply just review the mistakes your student made and don’t send it back.

Testing:  This week we will have an ending module test ether Tuesday or Wednesday.  I will keep the tests and grade them myself.  You will see the results on your student’s Ascent Aspire  gradebook.  Don’t get to worked up if your student’s scores are not where you would like them.  Giving kids grades in first grade shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  I’m looking for improvement, on the other hand look for missing assignments.  Your student should always make up their work when absent.  This Friday, I will have your student take a Moby Max test also.  And the following week, the students will take an Ascent Academy midyear Math assessment which should be taken seriously as well as ending module tests.   Other than that, please review your student’s daily work, create new problems yourself that are similar to the problems they missed.  Feel free to ask for additional work for practice by placing a post-it note in your student’s green folder.

Have a nice week.

Mr. Guggisberg


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December 12th-16th

Hello Everyone,

I hope all of are well.  We had a wonderful week, kids were attentive and connecting.  I’m very pleased with the overall progress a lot of my students are having…in both classes.  I know some of you question some of these various  math methods used by the Eureka math program, but I’m quite encouraged when I see the pieces all fall together.  Let’s all try to remain positive and move forward and continue to review the work that comes home.  I see so many students practicing these strategies in my class and it pleases me that they are learning options in their math acquisition.

Homework:   Let me know every once in a while when any of you could use some extra practice at home.  Remember every Tuesday after school, I have tutoring in my room right after my outside duty (around 3;15 to 4pm).

December 21st Holiday Party:    Tomorrow I will send out permission slips.  Please return them promptly.  We’ll  be watching a movie and have some popcorn and hot chocolate, whipped cream with a candy cane at the last part of the day.  Any concerns please email me or text me.

Enjoy your week.

Mr. Guggisberg

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Nov. 28th – Dec. 2nd

Watch out!!   Here comes the snow and cold weather and……..Christmas break.   Wait a minute…did I just call it Christmas……I got to be more careful….I could get in trouble calling it that.    Here comes…winter recess 2 week break around some religious holiday not to be named.   If you want to help out with our class party on Dec. 21st that celebrates that holiday not to be named…just email someone else.    Just kidding… you can get a hold of Mrs. Fisher.  Ha !!


Go over daily work….want some extra math practice sheets ???  Ask me nicely!  Okay I’m sorry…it’s late.   Just attach a simple note to the folder and request some new sheets. But remember…I’m really not grading those sheets but if you’d like me to see them anyways so I can give huge kudos to your kids… hand them in.   I’m full of complements.  Especially to all of you fantastic parents.   You’re boss…right on…and groovy.

Would you like me to reset your student’s Moby Max Math so it starts over where they have to take a new initial assessment?  Sure just email me back.

Just another plea…..especially to my 2nd class (Mrs. Fisher’s homeroom)….I sure could use some help in the afternoon.  Trying to put all those folders back together again while grading everyone’s papers.   Just want to let you know…just trying my best.

Thanks everyone,

Mr. Guggisberg


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