October 30th to Nov. 3rd

Dear Families,

How embarrassing!

I haven’t put anything on this blog for a month.  That’s terrible.  I have been trying to email you weekly.  Hopefully you don’t feel left out of being connected to first grade.  I’ve been overall quite happy with my student’s progress.  We’ve come along way down the math road of first grade.  My student’s are engaged in class and we progress forward. I’ve invited all parents who are interested in tutoring to come to my room after school on Tuesdays for an hour.  I’ve also invited all of you to create 4 new problems nightly that are fashioned after the Eureka math that comes home each night. If you haven’t started, no problem…start when you feel the need.  At least you have a recipe for math success in 1st grade math…that is to practice extra problem type set examples to your kids.   Progress might come slow, but it will come.  Try to be positive about how Eureka does the math in front of your kids.   I need them to be positive in general when exposed to math, at any time.

Thank you for your time.  More later.

Mr. Guggisberg

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September 4th thru 8th

Greetings Parents,

It has been a pleasure so far getting to know all my new students.  We spent last week doing 2 very important beginning of the year assessments to see where everyone is with their early math skills.  I’m very pleased to report  that a number of students are showing surprisingly high evaluations.  And some others obviously need a little more attention. Overall, I’m very pleased with the classroom  and outside recess behaviors.  You have amazing kids…therefore…you must be amazing as well.  Congratulations!

Important Notes:

  1.  It is critical that every parent needs to go through their student’s green folder nightly. I still see some folders occasionally that have old assignment work still in there.  Let me see…how can I put this delicately… you are your student’s second teacher, I really need you to take the time each evening 15 to 20 min. and go over their concepts with them.  It’s really not hard to recreate similar work on another piece of paper.  Soon I will hand out extra home practice which I really don’t need to see again or grade.  It’s to give the student and you extra practice in doing math the “EUREKA” way (our math program).  It really does make since.  I will be holding after school tutoring one day a week just like last year and like last year ask parents to be there.  Just park your car, bring in your baby siblings and join your student.  It’s important that you see the EUREKA way.  I’ve seen students who came just by themselves without parents and didn’t get very much out of it.   Progress comes with parent help.  I even had some fathers show up…weekly.  I’ll let you know when it starts.
  2. I like to send out emails to all of you once a week at least and hopefully update this blog weekly too.
  3. Please have your student practice with writing numbers correctly.  Still seeing a lot of reversals.  A simple piece of paper, you write the correct number and then the student practices  those numbers for a few lines.

Please check this blog weekly  for further updates.  Getting my weekly emails usually doesn’t have all the important notes.

Thank you everyone, especially to all of those who volunteer in my room. Thank you for your donations as well.  Very very wonderful.

Mr. Guggisberg



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Welcome to Mr. G’s Class

Hello Students and Family,

Wow ! I can’t wait to meet all of you.  Could you please click on 1st grade disclosure, print it out, sign it and bring into me.  Please make every effort to come and visit me at back to school night.. 1st grade is such an exciting year…especially since I’m teaching it. Ha Ha!  I had such a blast last year.  I described teaching first grade as a new life for me, like the Phoenix bird…sort of a rebirth after 15 years in upper grades.

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT: Monday, August 21st from 4:00-6:00 pm. This is an open- house style. Hope to see you there!

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: Tuesday, August 22nd. On Tuesday morning, Please allow your child to go straight to their homeroom class. All the other days, all students must go to the gym and wait there for their teacher to come pick them up.

I look forward to meeting with you at Back to School Night. Thanks! See you then, and please enjoy the rest of your summer break!

Back to school

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