Yearbooks on Sale!

Ascent Academy Yearbook pre-sale

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History Workshops for the 8th and 9th Grades!

Parent Permission Form For In-House Field Trip family history and butchering processing

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Ascent is hosting a family movie night the week after we get back from Spring Break to raise money for the eight Ascent archers who are going to the national tournament in Kentucky!
What: Sing
When: Thursday, April 20th at 6pm
Where: Ascent Academy Gym
How much: Admission is free, but bring cash for concessions
Who: Everyone in the community is welcome, so feel free to invite your cousins, friends, and good neighbors. The more the merrier!
What else to bring: Your own blanket, pillow, or camp chair to sit on.
Let the fun begin!
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Archery Team Filming Consent Form


NASP has asked to come and film part of our team in the morning.  We got the disclosure forms and sent them out with the students today.  Above is a copy of the form.  If your archer is on varsity and coming tomorrow, they must have the above form signed.  As far as I know the only two lines that need to be filled out is the “model” name (your student) and the “Releaser’s” name (you/parent/guardian).  Thanks!

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Community Service Form

Community Service is due once a term for 40 points.  It is always due a week before the end of the term.  It must meet the following requirements:

At least an hour long

Done for someone who doesn’t live with the student

The student cannot receive anything in return for their service

During certain terms throughout the school year, students may do a second community service for extra credit.  If this is the case for the current term will be discussed in class.

Community Service

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School Supplies and Labeling

Dear Parents and Students,

Please make sure you come to class with the required materials.  In the last two weeks we have had several students who have come to class without paper and/or writing utensils.  Please check with your student and make sure they have them.

Also, please make sure students write their name on all possessions that can be labeled.  The lost and found is overflowing, and it would be so much easier to return belongings to students if they were labeled.  Some items to check for labeling would be:  planners, binders, jackets, coats, mittens/gloves, hats, electronics, etc.

Have a great day!

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James and the Giant Peach

James Poster1

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1st Extra Credit of 1st Term

Monday is the first opportunity for extra credit this year.  Students need to watch the September 26, 2016 presidential debate.  They then need to write a half page analyzing the debate and who they side with more of the two.

I recommend watching it after the actual debate on YouTube.  On YouTube you can speed up the video to double speed and skip the commercials.  This is how I’m going to watch it.

This will be due Oct. 5th.

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Planner Checks

Planners are required for every junior high students.  They will be randomly checked during history class on weekly basis.  Part of their assignment is to bring the planner to every class every day.

To receive credit, students need to have the period, the subject, homework, and due date. If no homework was assigned, that must be annotated. An example would be:

1. History – Community Service – 1 week before the end of the term

2. Science – no homework

3. English – Moby Max

4. Debate – finish writing speech – next class

If students do not bring their planner to class on the day of the planner check they will receive a zero.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Mr. Woodward

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Archery Parent Permission Form

Here is the parent permission form for parents to read and sign.  This form must be turned in before students will be allowed on the archery range.

Archery Parent Permission Form

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