Sage testing has begun. The kids have been working hard preparing for their assessments. On the days of their testing they are allowed to chew peppermint gum - studies have shown this can be effective with concentration. Also, I would like to suggest your child is getting plenty of rest and eating an adequate breakfast.


There will usually be a short math homework assignment Monday-Thursday. If time allows and class work is completed, I will give them time to work on their homework assignment.

Missing Assignments

All assignments will have a due date. Each assignment will be considered missing the day after the due date. There will be a deduction on the score for every day it is late. The assignment will count as a 0 until turned in. On some assignments, the student will be expected to stay in during recesses until it is finished.


We will be having a "snack time". Last year, the students were often complaining of being hungry the last hour or so before lunch - they do have a later lunch (12:35). We will take a five minute break from our studies every day around 10:30 and allow them to have a small snack if they so desire. It was implemented last year, and I have found that it has been a good thing. The kids have had a better attitude with the last stretch of work before they leave for lunch.  Please do not send any peanut food items for snack - they can have them at lunch in the cafeteria just not in our class (school policy). Thank you. Debora Myers