Week of January 15

This is the final week before second term ends (this Friday). All missing/late/corrected assignments are due Wednesday.

***MATH: All missing/late/corrected work is due Wednesday. 37 minutes of MobyMath and 37 minutes of zearn are due for homework this week. We will be doing lessons 19-23 this week.***

We are reading a cover story about Martin Luther King, Jr. in this week’s Scholastic News, and completing skills sheets. In History/Social Studies we are doing week 16 in USA Studies Weekly: Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War. Students will read the articles and complete the graphic organizer (crossword and Let’s Write are extra credit). Spelling book unit 16 is on suffixes, and we also have a Science Spin magazine about Ocean Giants (no skills sheets this week) and a short quiz. We’ll also have 3 spelling assignments due Friday (due to the short week).

In science we are finishing up our unit on electricity and magnetism. We’ll be completing three tests (magnetism, static electricity, and electricity labs vocabulary) which will go on term 2 grades. Next week our class will be going to Mrs. Brotherton’s to learn about matter.

Please remember to continue checking your child’s grades on Aspire.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Simpson

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Week of January 8, 2018

Hello Parents!

***Math: This week we are working on lessons 16-21. Please continue to have your child do 50 minutes of Moby Math and zearn each week. Also, continue to check their grades on Aspire to stay up-to-date on that. The end of second term is January 19, ALL missing/late/corrections are due by Wednesday, January 17***

We started these assignments last week; they are due this Friday:

Scholastic News (SN and CR in Aspire): “A New Life” skills sheets/quizzes

Spelling book unit 15 – prefixes and 4 spelling homework assignments

USA Studies Weekly Week 15: An Industrial Revolution Begins – quiz, Let’s Write, graphic organizer and Industrial Revolution questions.

Science Studies Weekly Physical Science Week 6: Electricity and Magnetism – crossword, quiz (can be found on website)

Health Studies Weekly Week 1: Being Healthy- crossword and quiz (can be found on this website).

Second term ends on January 19. All missing/late/corrections are due by Wednesday, January 17.

We have a scientist from Discovery Gateway coming to visit the fifth grade tomorrow to do some experiments with us! Then on Thursday we have our field trip to the Clark Planetarium. Let me know if you would like to chaperone. Here is the permission slip if your child hasn’t given you one yet. As of this afternoon, it is too late to sign up for school lunch so be sure to send in a lunch from home if you haven’t sent in a permission slip yet.

Have a wonderful week!

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Field Trip Permission Slip

Field trip to Clark Planetarium NEXT WEEK! 🙂 Return slip ASAP and we need chaperones.

Field Trip Permission Slip

Please sign and return ASAP. Please let me know if you need me to print a slip for your child.

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Week of December 17

Hello Parents! We have just three days left of school in 2017. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the fifth grade dress down day for placing in the Penny Wars! Students should follow the guidelines outlined in the Ascent Dress Code Policy for a free dress down (no holes, rips, sandals, etc. Must be modest, etc).

***MATH: We will finish the Mid-Mod 4 test before the break, as well as doing additional practice for lessons 8, 9, and 10. Tomorrow we will do lessons 11 and 12. Many students are not doing all 50 MobyMath and/or 50 zearn minutes each week. They are encouraged (though not required) to make up their missing minutes over the break. Please continue to check Aspire to stay up-to-date with their grades. No math homework this week – but if students are missing minutes it’s a great time to make them up!!***

Wednesday is our fifth grade Snowmen at School STEM fest. A note/permission slip (for food) was sent home for this activity on Thursday of last week. I also sent out a sign up genius link last week. We are still in need of some supplies, so if you are able so sign up and send in any of the remaining supplies we would appreciate it so much! Here is the link. Also, if you would like to volunteer to come in and help conduct or supervise an activity, please let me know and I will plan for that. We would need help on Wednesday afternoon from 1-3 pm (excluding recess from 1:50-2:10).

This week students have a little more time to work on the assignments that we started last week, as well as the winter and holiday-related assignments that most students will get today. Everything is due Wednesday.

Students are encouraged to work on missing assignments over the break, but it is not required. The end of second term is January 19th.

Please continue to check your child’s grades on Aspire to stay up-ro-date with their progress in fifth grade. Have a great week and fabulous break!

Mrs. Simpson


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Winter STEM Activities

Next week the fifth grade is going to have a Snowmen at School STEM Fest activity before we leave for winter break. Please look over the supply list and sign up if you can! Thank you for your support and involvement in your child’s education. A flyer with more information will be going out soon.


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Week of December 11

Scholastic News: This week’s cover story is about a MLB player who has a stutter and is encouraging kids not to let their stutters hold them back. Skills sheets due this week: Close Reading questions, Quiz Whiz, News Quiz, Your Opinion Counts! (opinion writing on whether kids should be given homework over breaks), and A Changing Character (how Ebenezer Scrooge changes throughout they play “A Christmas Carol.”

USA Studies Weekly Week 14: The War of 1812. Assignments due: graphic organizer (Main Ideas and Details), and online quiz. The crossword puzzle is extra credit this week.

Geography Spin: Going to Extremes – landforms in New Zealand. Assignments due: quiz on back, Map It! and Think About it (on the inside of the magazine). Skills Sheet: One State, Two Maps (comparing political and physical maps of California).

Spelling book unit 14 is due, as well as four spelling assignments 50 min. MobyMath and 50 minutes of zearn.

Once students are done with the assignments listed above, I have some winter and holiday related assignments that we’ll be working on next week. There are three creative writing assignments (Elf and Reindeer job applications and a don’t-eat-me gingerbread man persuasive writing). I also have several close-reading passages and questions (Christmas in Germany, Gingerbread Tradition, The Science of Snowflakes, Sammy’s Snowman, Christmas in the United States, and a figurative language assignment we’ll do as a class with “The Grinch” theme song).

Have a great week!

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Week of December 4

Just a few short weeks and we will be halfway through this year!

This week’s assignments:

***MATH: This week we started Module 4: Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions. I plan to get through lessons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 this week. Students will be learning tape diagrams to help them understand division of a small dividend and a larger divisor. ***

*SN (Scholastic News) – The cover story this week is about an ancient army in China coming to visit a museum in Philadelphia. Students will complete and turn in: Close Reading questions, Be a Quiz Whiz, News Quiz, What Do You Think? opinion writing about whether their bedrooms should be screen-free, and a skills sheet about non-fiction text features.

*Be the Editor: Last week with the Scholastic News assignment we had an skills sheet to edit an article entitled “A History of Thanksgiving,” and it is due with this week’s assignments.

*Spelling Book unit 13 – everything except the Writing Prompt

*USA Studies Weekly Week 13: Looking to the West. Students will read the information, complete the graphic organizer, Let’s Write and the quiz online.

*Science Spin: Fantastic Formations – read the article and complete the quiz on the back and the skills sheet “Explain It.”

In Science we are doing Electricity Labs. Students will rotate in groups of four through several different electricity labs and conduct experiments related to our science standards for Electricity and Magnetism.

Enjoy your week!

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Week of November 27

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

This week our Scholastic News cover story is about “A Secret Language” used during WWII. Students will complete several Skills Sheets on that article as well as the other articles in the issue.

In spelling unit 12 we are reviewing the past several lessons. Students should be practicing all 50 words on their list, and will be tested on a random 20. Four spelling assignments are due by Friday, but not all 50 words have to be done on each spelling assignment. You may want to give your child a test of their list for one spelling homework, and then have them practice the ones they missed on that pretest for the rest of the spelling homework.

We are also doing USA Studies Weekly Week 12: US States and Regions. The students are responsible for completing the crossword puzzle, the map graphic organizer and the online quiz.

In Science we are continuing to explore electricity and magnetism with activities, experiments, videos and reading passages.

Please continue checking your child’s grades on Aspire, and have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Simpson

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Week of Nov. 20


***MATH: For the two days we have in school this week, we are working on corrections, Math Exemplars, unfinished work, and a Fall Leaf Banner project using mixed number ruler measurements.***

This week we are working on any assignments not finished last week . Tomorrow is our field trip to see “Wonder,” which we finished reading today! If you volunteered to be a chaperone, we will see you tomorrow. You need to pay $7 to the front office before the field trip. Don’t forget to check out  your student before driving them to the movie theater. Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful week/Thanksgiving Break!

Mrs. Simpson

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Week of Nov. 13

***MATH…This week we are doing Module 3 lessons 7-12 and the Mid-Module 3 Assessment. Students are given 10-15 minutes to work each day on their Exit Tickets, after which we have to start the lesson. If they don’t finish the ET, they can access them on my blog at home or in the black math binder in the classroom. Please allow up to one week for assignments to be graded and updated in Aspire. Unfinished classwork needs to be finished at home and turned in ASAP or it will show as “Missing” in Aspire. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s math progress or grade :)***


Here is the permission slip for our field trip on Nov. 21. We are all so excited to finally see “Wonder!”

The following assignments are due next week on Tuesday. The students are working on them this week and will have two days next week to finish them. If your child will not be here next week, they can bring these assignments home to work on them.

*Scholastic News- cover story: “Our Parents are Soldiers,” close reading questions and quizzes

*USA Studies Weekly Week 11: “Geography,” online quiz, graphic organizer, crossword, questions inside the newspaper

*Spelling Book unit 11

*”The Turkey-Less Truth Behind Thanksgiving” reading and questions

*”First Thanksgiving Meal” reading and questions

*4 spelling assignments

*50 minutes each of MobyMath and zearn

Please let me know if you have any questions! Remember to continue checking your child’s grades on Aspire.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Simpson

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