Week of May 22

Due this week:

Science Studies Weekly: Being Human – read, crossword, Mini-Lab, online quiz

USA Studies Weekly Week 26: The New Deal – read, crossword, Point of View (graphic organizer), online quiz

Spelling book 34

The President: Close-reading passage and comprehension questions

Math: Coordinate picture, Survey and Share (data collection and graphing), Alphabet Activity Cards.

Roll a Person, Place, or Thing writing activity

This will also be a week for students to have additional time to complete any missing/unfinished assignments before school is out.

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Week of May 15

Assignments due this week:

Math: Coordinate plane review (one packet worth 61 points and another sheet worth 40)

Science Studies Weekly: All About Soil – read, crossword, Mini-Lab, online quiz

Spelling Book unit 33

USA Studies Weekly Week 25: WWI and the Great Depression – read, crossword, Flowchart (graphic organizer), online quiz.

Point of View, Who is Telling the Story? sheet

Figurative Language practice: The Dainty Dragon (partners)

The Solar System: Close-reading passage and comprehension questions

Writing: Roll a Story – Earth Day

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Week of May 8

Work due this week:

USA Studies Weekly Week 24: Changing Times. Read, online quiz, crossword, Using Primary and Secondary Sources.

Spelling Book unit 32

Science Studies Weekly: Shaping the Earth. Read, online quiz, crossword

Math: Mixed review (fractions, mixed numbers, division, decimals). Titanic packet (work with partners) – mixed review.

Earth Day close-reading passage and comprehension questions

Point of View Practice, and Erosion close-reading passage and comprehension questions.

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Report Sign-Ups

**The links have been updated so students should be able to edit the google docs. Sorry for the inconvenience! 😀

Parents and Students,

I have set up two google docs for students to sign up for two reports they’ll be working on in class during the month of May. I am asking them to sign up for a notable American woman and state that no one else has signed up for, so please check the list before signing up. After they sign up, I would like them to send me a MobyMessage so I know who has signed up. They will have to sign in through their school google account to access the google docs. Let me know if you have any questions!

Notable Woman ReportSubstitute will give students a “Bio Poem” sheet for this report.

USA State Report: For requirements and ideas for final project, check out the History/Social Studies Tab, or this link:

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Week of May 1

While I am on maternity leave I will be checking and entering MobyMath/zearn minutes for homework, and I’ll enter as many grades as I can on the weekends. Feel free to contact me through e-mail if you have any questions and if I can I will get back to you ASAP. We’ll be doing regular homework assignments up until the last full week of the year.

Keep in mind that I have left regular assignments for the sub, but if students finish early they may have additional assignments that won’t be included in the blog, but may be included in Aspire.

I’ll be sending out a signupgenius link for our end-of-year class party for parents who would like to coordinate with each other to help organize it so the substitute doesn’t have to add that to her list of things to do. I appreciate your help!

Work due this week:

Scholastic News: Take a Bow cover story – close-reading questions, quiz, Ready, Set, R.A.C.E., writing prompt, News Quiz, Be a Quiz Whiz

USA Studies Weekly Week 23: Changes in Industry and Transportation – read, quiz (online), crossword, Main Idea and Details

Science Studies Weekly: Prehistoric Life – read, online quiz, crossword and Mini-Lab

Spelling Book unit 31 (we are skipping unit 30 because it’s a review week). Friday we took 4 pretests so I could have the kids’ spelling groups all ready for the rest of the year.

Math: Partners Review packet – A Balancing Act (area and perimeter), Flying High (quadrilaterals), Let’s Roll! (area), Mystery Equations (order of operations). We’ll also be doing Partner Decimal Writing and comparing decimals review.

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Permission Slips – Please Return ASAP

I am sending home one green (Conservation Water Park – May 2, free for chaperones) and one yellow (Clark Planetarium – May 15, over 3 chaperones per class will have to pay $6 admission fee) permission slip today for our upcoming field trips. Since I will be on maternity leave starting next week, please sign and send these back in ASAP so I can get chaperones and groups figured out so my subs won’t have to worry about it.

Let me know if you have any questions 🙂


Mrs. Simpson

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Week of April 24

Dear Parents/Students,

This is my last week at school before I go on maternity leave for the month of May. I am working hard to prepare the students and the substitutes for my absence.

This week our Scholastic News is a special Earth Day issue, with the cover story “Living on the Edge.” Students will complete two quizzes, close-reading questions, a graphic organizer and a writing prompt.

USA Studies Weekly Week 22: Reconstruction. Students will read the articles, complete the crossword puzzle, graphic organizer and quiz.

There is also a GeoSpin this week with a story about monarch butterflies and a quiz.

Our Science Studies Weekly (SSW in Aspire) this week is about Solids, Liquids and Gases.

We will be finishing up Module 6 in math this week as well as reviewing 5th grade concepts from the entire year in preparation for our math SAGE test, which will be on Thursday afternoon.

Before I leave on Friday I will make sure all grades are completely updated. I will have several different substitutes in May, but have managed to schedule one for the majority of the month, Mrs. VanShaar. She will have access to my e-mail and grade book, so she will be entering grades for May.

We will be going on two field trips in May and I’d like to get permission slips handed out, signed and returned before I leave on Friday, as well as chaperones set up. On May 2 we will be going to The Conservation Garden Park in West Jordan from 12:30 to 2:30. On May 15th we will be going to the Clark Planetarium from 8:30 to 2:00. Chaperones will need to drive themselves and their student, and no siblings are allowed. For the Planetarium field trip three chaperones are covered in the cost, so any more than those three will have to pay the $6 fee. If you are interested in chaperoning one or both, please let me know and I will get you on the list. Permission slips will go home tomorrow, please be sure your child returns them by Friday so the substitute won’t have to worry about that.

This year has been amazing! Every single one of these students has made this year one of the best in my 15-year teaching career, and I couldn’t have asked for a better class. I will miss them each very much. I am so happy that I have had the opportunity to see them grow this year in so many different ways. I look forward to seeing them in the halls next year as sixth graders 🙂

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and please remember to continue checking Aspire to stay updated on your child’s grades.

Thank you for all that you have done as parents to make this year wonderful!

Mrs. Simpson

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Week of April 17


I hope you all had a fantastic Spring Break! In several weeks your kids will be sixth graders!

Here’s what we have going on this week:

Scholastic News: This week’s cover story is about wild hogs and how they are causing problems throughout the U.S. Assignments due by Friday include: Close Reading Questions, News Quiz, Be a Quiz Whiz, A Pig Problem (graphic organizer).

USA Studies Weekly Week 21: The War Continues. Assignments due: crossword puzzle, quiz, and Summarizing Historical Information graphic organizer.

Earth Day is April 22! I love Earth Day, and this week we will be doing some fun activities while learning about Earth Day. We will be working on a Science Studies Weekly: Finding Solutions, and students will complete the reading, crossword and quiz.

We are about halfway through Wonder and will continue to do learning activities and quizzes throughout the remainder of the book.

Our field trip to Farmington to see Born in China is this Friday, so please be sure to send in your child’s signed permission slip BEFORE then. It must be a signed paper copy – for field trips we cannot accept electronic permission. We will be back in time for lunch 🙂

In Math we are still working on Module 6. Students will continue learning about the coordinate plane and plotting points, lines, shapes, etc. When we are done with Module 6 we will begin reviewing material from the entire math program, as well as some math projects.

Have a great week! Please continue to check your child’s grades on Aspire regularly so everyone can finish this year strong.

Mrs. Simpson

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Dear Parents and Students,

I hope you all have a wonderful Spring Break! Feel free to have your child work on any missing or late assignments over the break. Also, feel free to have your child do any extra minutes on MobyMath to make up for missing minutes or to get them added as extra credit onto your child’s math grade (up to 100 extra credit minutes. They can do unlimited make-up minutes). If your child does MobyMath over the break, please be sure they send me a MobyMessage so I know to check those minutes.

Please remember to return the field trip permission slip that I sent home yesterday ASAP. Permission slips for field trips need to be physically signed and returned to me, we cannot accept them electronically.

Thank you for all of the Teacher Appreciation love, cards, gifts, and notes! I truly enjoy teaching your wonderful children 😀

Have a fantastic, safe week off!

Mrs. Simpson

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Week of April 3

One week to go before Spring Break! Tomorrow afternoon we will be doing our ELA Reading SAGE test, other than that we are working on the following this week:

*Spelling Book unit 27 (spelling rule this week is prefixes: bi-, tri-, semi-, and mid-)

*USA Studies Weekly Week 20: The Civil War Begins

*Character Trait: Cooperation: close-reading passage and questions

*Benedict Arnold: close-reading passage and questions

*Science Studies Weekly: All About Matter!

*Wonder – Summer; August and Jack Will assignment                                                                                              Summer and Jack Will quiz

This is our last week in Science with Mrs. Brotherton, and then we will be reviewing science concepts we’ve learned throughout the year.

In Math we began Module 6 last week and will continue learning about the coordinate plane for the rest of this month. We will also be correcting the End-of-Module 5 test this week.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Also, please continue checking Aspire regularly to help your child stay on top of their grades/assignments. We are in the final stretch and the workload will not lighten up anytime soon 😀

Enjoy your week!

Mrs. Simpson

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