Fall Break

Hello Parents!

Thank you to everyone who was able to come in and meet with me for Parent Teacher Conferences! It was great to talk with each of you about your child’s progress in fifth grade.

Several of you mentioned difficulty in navigating the blogs of different teachers (homeroom and math), so we will be meeting as a fifth grade team and talking about how we can better meet your needs as parents trying to find information on the blogs. If you have any specific suggestions or problems that might help us do that, feel free to e-mail me.

Remember we have a field trip the week we return from Fall Break (Thursday the 26 we are going to The Leonardo). If your child has not turned in their permission slip by today, they will have to bring a home lunch. I am missing 4 permission slips and will contact you if your child has not turned it in yet. A few chaperones have signed up, but we still need a few background-checked chaperones as well.

Also, the week we come back is Anti-Bullying Spirit Week. Information is below, and will also be on the Ascent website and in the weekly parent e-mail.

The end of first term is the FRIDAY we come back from Fall Break (Oct. 27). Students are allowed to turn in late/missing work up until Wednesday, the 25th. Fall Break is an excellent time to work on late/missing assignments (though it is NOT required homework).

The Scholastic Book Fair ends soon, but you can always order from Scholastic Book Clubs with our class code. Here is the website and our class code is: NHH7L. The more books that we order online gets us Bonus Points to use towards more books and other learning/teaching tools for our classroom!

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I hope you all have a wonderful, safe Fall Break!

Mrs. Simpson

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Week of October 9

This week is parent teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday, so they will both be early out days along with Friday. Here is the link to sign up if you haven’t already. If none of the available times work for you, please contact me via e-mail and we can work out another time. Feel free to bring your child with you 🙂 I look forward to talking with each of you about your child’s progress in fifth grade!

We do not have a new Scholastic News this week, instead we are working on comparing texts and will do so with last week’s Scholastic News about the debate over Columbus Day and another text. Students are also responsible for completing and turning in Spelling Book unit 7 and USA Studies Weekly Week 7: Celebrate Freedom (graphic organizer and Let’s Write).

Today I am sending home a permission slip for a field trip to The Leonardo on October 26th. Please sign and return in ASAP. If you would like to chaperone please contact me via e-mail. No siblings are allowed with chaperones, and you will need to drive yourself and possibly your fifth grader to the field trip.

We’ll be finishing up our Heredity unit in Science this week, and next we will begin our unit on Electricity and Magnetism.

Please remember to continue to check your child’s grades on Aspire, and feel free to contact me with questions or concerns anytime.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Simpson

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Week of Sept. 25

Hello Parents and Students!

This week there is no Scholastic News. Instead we are starting our first class read aloud: Wonder, by RJ Palacio. Over the next two or so months that we are reading this wonderful book, students will be responsible for doing assignments related to the book.

We are doing USA Studies Weekly Week 5: “Tension Between the Colonies and Great Britain.” Students will read the material, do the crossword and complete the Causes and Effects graphic organizer, all due Friday. Also this week students will be doing the 10-question quiz on the website. I will give them their usernames and passwords this week and they will have time to take the quiz in class.

Also this week we are continuing to work on the wild animal reports for Science, and they are due this Friday. All students are required to write or type their report, and include some kind of visual aid of their animal (picture, diorama, drawing, etc). Students are not required to do any additional work unless they want to make an additional way to present their project (slideshow, poster board, diorama, etc). Here are the requirements again for the wild animal report: animal-report-1

Spelling book unit 5 is due Friday (Everything except the writing prompt).

Assignments are starting to come home in Friday Folders, feel free to have your child correct them and turn back in if they want a better score.

Please continue to check your child’s grades on Aspire to stay updated on their progress. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Simpson

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Week of Sept. 18

This week’s Scholastic News cover story is about grizzly bears and how some are no longer on the endangered species list, and why that is not necessarily a good thing for them. Students will also take a side on the debate on whether kids should be paid to do chores. Due this week in the Scholastic News packet are: “Search for Evidence,” “What Do You Think?”, Close Reading Questions, Be a Quiz Whiz and News Quiz.

We have our first issue of Science Spin (SciSpin in Aspire) this week, and it is about how scientists are helping a type of antelope make a comeback in Africa. Along with that will be two skills sheets due Friday.

We are doing USA Studies Weekly Week 4: Slavery in the Colonies. Due with that are the crossword, Let’s Write, What is Juneteenth? and Primary Sources- Slave Auctions and Runaway Slaves.

Spelling book unit 4 is due Friday, as are 4 spelling homework assignments.

We will continue to work on research for our wild animal reports. They will be due next Friday (though it is subject to change if I feel they haven’t had enough time in class to finish).

Your child should now also be doing weekly math homework. The fifth grade teachers have decided on 50 minutes of MobyMath AND 50 minutes of zearn each week is good for math homework. If you have any questions about math, please contact your child’s math teacher.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Simpson

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Week of Sept. 11

Hello Parents and Students!

This week we are starting all regular work that we will do nearly every week for the rest of the year.

Scholastic News! The cover story this week is about how scientists are using 3D printing to help animals with damaged or missing limbs. There is also a debate on whether or not cursive should be required in schools. A packet of comprehension questions and work are due this Friday for Scholastic News (labeled SN on the quizzes and CR for the Close Reading questions in Aspire).

Since we are learning about genes and heredity in Science, this week each student started researching a wild animal of their choice on which to complete a report. We will be working on them throughout September and will be doing the research and work in class. Many students want to work on them at home and I am happy to see their excitement, but I would like for them to do as much work as they can during the time they have in class. Here are the requirements for that report: animal-report-1 .

Also this week we are “Comparing Colonies” in USA Studies Weekly Week 3. Students are comparing and contrasting Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams, and then writing a journal entry (Let’s Write in Aspire) from either Anne’s or Roger’s point of view being banished from Massachusetts.

Each week with our Scholastic News subscription we also get an issue of either Geography Spin (GeoSpin in Aspire) or Science Spin (SciSpin in Aspire). This week we have a GeoSpin  about a type of Spider Monkey that is in danger. There are 40 points worth of assignments/quizzes with GeoSpin this week.

Spelling book unit 3 is due Friday. Each week, students are responsible for completing all sections in the spelling book except the writing prompt.

All fifth grade students have been placed in one of the three fifth grade teacher’s math class based on their knowledge of decimals so that we can better address their needs in math. If you aren’t sure which class your child is in for math, you can ask them or contact me. All communication about math should be handled through their math teacher, as they are the one putting in math grades for your child.

We start clusters this week! Clusters will be on almost every Friday, please refer to the school calendar if you have questions about the schedule.

If you are able/willing to volunteer for the Great Artists Program (GAP) or to come in every so often to teach a character lesson with the Second Steps Program, please let me know so we can get that set up. I hope to have a more in-depth parent survey to you very soon through google forms.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I am best reached via e-mail and am able to respond more quickly than through the phone.

This class is amazing! Have a great week!

Mrs. Simpson


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Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Parents and Students,

***If you are a parent from last year still receiving updates to this blog, feel free to unsubscribe 😀 ***

We had a great first week of fifth grade! It was nice to be able to meet and chat with so many of you at Back to School Night. Thank you for all of the supplies you sent in with your child. Throughout the year as we run low on things I will send out e-mails for more to be sent in. I appreciate your support and encouragement in your child’s education.

Last week we did a lot of “getting to know you” types of things, as well as going over procedures. This week we will start fresh on Monday with regular spelling, math science and social studies. The fifth grade aides and I will also be doing several reading assessments throughout the first weeks to determine each child’s current reading level.

I will be sending out a google form in the next week or two for parent volunteers, so keep a look out for that.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me so that we can talk about what’s best for your child. Let’s keep those lines of communication open so that your child can have a successful and enriching experience in fifth grade.

I have one “rule” in my Love and Logic classroom: “Feel free to do anything that doesn’t cause a problem for anyone else. If you cause a problem, I will do something.” More information about how I run my Love and Logic classroom can be found under the “Policies” tab on this blog.

SPELLING and READING HOMEWORK STARTS THIS WEEK                                                                                                     *Each child is responsible for the following homework each regular 5-day week:                           ~Reading at least 20 minutes a night (or 100 minutes total)                                                                                                         ~4 spelling assignments due by Friday                                                                                                                    ***Spelling homework can be anything your child does that best helps them learn their           words. Each child learns differently and I want them to do what helps them the most. Some examples are: writing spelling words in a meaningful sentence, spelling them aloud spelling-bee style, having a parent give them a spelling test, writing words/letters in different colors, making a picture out of their words, typing their words, doing activities on a website like spelling city, etc. The possibilities are endless. All I need to put in a spelling homework grade are the assignments turned in on paper, submitted via e-mail, and/or a parent signature on the agenda (we’ll talk about those Monday in class) that your child did something for spelling homework four times throughout the week.                                                   ~100 minutes of MobyMath/Zearn a week. We will not be doing MobyMath/Zearn homework just yet, I am still working on getting each student’s account transferred/created.

I have started entering grades into Aspire for several assignments. Please check your child’s grades weekly/on a regular basis so you are aware of their progress in fifth grade. Periodically, I will e-mail links to progress reports. If you have any questions on how to access your child’s grades, please contact one of the ladies in the front office, or I would be happy to help you as well.

I know this will be a great year! Fifth grade can be hard. We will be learning a lot of new things and expanding their knowledge to gain a deeper understanding. I have high expectations of my students. I don’t expect them to get 100% on everything or to understand everything the first time. I DO expect them to try their best, and to let me know when they need help or when they are struggling. A huge thing in fifth grade is responsibility. It can be a hard lesson to learn for some students but it is so important that we help them be more responsible.

Please contact me via e-mail if you have any questions, concerns, etc. Have a fantastic week!

Mrs. Simpson



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Week of May 22

Due this week:

Science Studies Weekly: Being Human – read, crossword, Mini-Lab, online quiz

USA Studies Weekly Week 26: The New Deal – read, crossword, Point of View (graphic organizer), online quiz

Spelling book 34

The President: Close-reading passage and comprehension questions

Math: Coordinate picture, Survey and Share (data collection and graphing), Alphabet Activity Cards.

Roll a Person, Place, or Thing writing activity

This will also be a week for students to have additional time to complete any missing/unfinished assignments before school is out.

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Week of May 15

Assignments due this week:

Math: Coordinate plane review (one packet worth 61 points and another sheet worth 40)

Science Studies Weekly: All About Soil – read, crossword, Mini-Lab, online quiz

Spelling Book unit 33

USA Studies Weekly Week 25: WWI and the Great Depression – read, crossword, Flowchart (graphic organizer), online quiz.

Point of View, Who is Telling the Story? sheet

Figurative Language practice: The Dainty Dragon (partners)

The Solar System: Close-reading passage and comprehension questions

Writing: Roll a Story – Earth Day

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Week of May 8

Work due this week:

USA Studies Weekly Week 24: Changing Times. Read, online quiz, crossword, Using Primary and Secondary Sources.

Spelling Book unit 32

Science Studies Weekly: Shaping the Earth. Read, online quiz, crossword

Math: Mixed review (fractions, mixed numbers, division, decimals). Titanic packet (work with partners) – mixed review.

Earth Day close-reading passage and comprehension questions

Point of View Practice, and Erosion close-reading passage and comprehension questions.

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Report Sign-Ups

**The links have been updated so students should be able to edit the google docs. Sorry for the inconvenience! 😀

Parents and Students,

I have set up two google docs for students to sign up for two reports they’ll be working on in class during the month of May. I am asking them to sign up for a notable American woman and state that no one else has signed up for, so please check the list before signing up. After they sign up, I would like them to send me a MobyMessage so I know who has signed up. They will have to sign in through their school google account to access the google docs. Let me know if you have any questions!

Notable Woman ReportSubstitute will give students a “Bio Poem” sheet for this report.

USA State Report: For requirements and ideas for final project, check out the History/Social Studies Tab, or this link:

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