Pennies for Patients

Click here to donate to our classroom fundraiser for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

Pennies for Patients fundraiser classroom link

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Week of April 16

***MATH: We have finished the End of Module 6 test. For the remainder of the year we will be reviewing 5th grade math concepts. Review may include: activities, task cards, games, projects, repeating a problem set, etc. Students will continue to complete 50 minutes of zearn and 50 minutes of MobyMath: TEST PREP – MATH each week.***

Scholastic News: “Where Does All Your Trash Go?” Assignments due: quizzes and skills sheets

Spelling Book unit 28

USA Studies Weekly Week 28: Two More Wars and the Space Race Begins. Assignments due: crossword, map, online quiz

Science Spin: Saving Sea Turtles. Assignments due: two five-question quizzes and a graphic organizer.

Wednesday we will be doing the Great Artist Program from 1:00 – 1:50.

Ask your child about Pennies for Patients – thank you for all the donations so far! A note went home last Thursday about this fundraiser.

We will be starting SAGE testing on Monday, April 23.

Have a great week!

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Week of April 9

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break!

***MATH: We will be finishing up Module 6 and completing the End of Module 6 test. After that, for the remainder of the year, we will be reviewing each module/standard/objective as needed in preparation for SAGE. Reviewing will include but not be limited to: practice sheets, Moby, zearn, task cards, math games, math activities, projects,  etc. Homework will remain the same for the rest of the year: 50 minutes of MobyMath a week AND 50 minutes of zearn a week.***

This week our Scholastic News cover story is about whether some breakfast foods should be considered desserts based on their sugar content. Students will complete the Skills Sheets and quizzes.

USA Studies Weekly Week 27: World War II

Spelling book unit 27

This week we are also completing Health Studies Weekly Week 4:

Monday is our last day of switching classes for regular science. Tuesday we will rotate and do Science review; for Magnetism each class will be participating in BreakoutEDU to solve the mystery of Mr. and Mrs. Magnetic.

Four spelling assignments are due by Friday, as well as 50 MobyMath minutes and 50 minutes of zearn.

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MobyMax Contests

Hello Parents! Yesterday I had a student send me a MobyMessage asking if I would set up a contest in MobyMax, so I looked into it and have set up the following:

There are 2 contests: one in math, and one for my homeroom students.

The contests are not required, participation is voluntary.

In the MATH contest, those minutes WILL count toward MobyMath homework (but not extra credit this time).

In the Homeroom contest, the minutes do not count toward a grade (future contests may be different).

Both contests started yesterday and will go until Monday, April 9 when we return to school from Spring Break. I will check the final leaderboards/minutes/points and will be ready to announce the winners in class on Monday.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I have never done Moby Contests before, so I may not be able to answer questions about the logistics of it.

We’ll see how these first contests go, then I will determine if we’ll do future contests.

Have a great, safe Spring Break!

Mrs. Simpson 

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Week of March 26

Welcome to 4th term! I am still putting in some last-minute grades for third term, but they will all be in by this Friday.

***MATH- Here’s what we’re doing this week in math:

Homework: 50 minutes of zearn and 50 minutes of MobyMath


This week our Scholastic News cover story is about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League that was formed during WWII. Students will read the articles and complete the quizzes and Skills Sheets. We also have a GeoSpin this week about amphibians.

USA Studies Weekly Week 26 is about The New Deal. Students will read the articles, complete the graphic organizer and do the online quiz. The crossword is extra credit.

Spelling book unit 26 is on Irregular Plurals; 4 spelling homework assignments are due by Friday.

We will be finishing up Science rotations this week and after Spring Break (which is next week – WOO HOO!!) we will do a big Science review before we take the SAGE Science test.

For Ms. Polatis’s science class on Thursday the students need a signed permission slip to participate in the activity she has planned. Your child should have that and it needs to be returned ASAP

Have a fantastic week!

Mrs. Simpson

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Week of March 19

***MATH: Here are this week’s lessons:

This week we have a new Scholastic News magazine. Our cover story is about Drones, and students are responsible for completing the quizzes and skills sheets. There is also a Science Spin magazine about Extreme Treehouses due this week.

Spelling book 25 and USA Studies Weekly Week 25: WWI and the Great Depression are also due Friday.

This Friday is the end of term 3 – All missing/incomplete/corrected assignments are due this Wednesday to count toward Term 3 grades.

Our field trip to Discovery Gateway is this Thursday. Two students still need to turn in permission slips, and will have to bring a home lunch to the field trip.

Maturation is this week also, and several students still need to turn in that permission slip as well.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Simpson

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End of Term

The end of third term is next Friday, March 23. All missing/late/corrected assignments from third term must be turned in by Wednesday, March 21 (one week from today) to count toward term 3 grades.

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Week of March 12

***Math: This week we will continue with the following lessons from Module 6: 

This week we will be doing USA Studies Weekly Week 24: Changing Times, and Spelling Book unit 24, which is a review week.

Here is the link to this week’s Scholastic News cover story – Remember to login with our class password: Simpson5S

The students will be finishing up their President SEM projects this week, and they will present on Friday. I am excited to see what they have learned about their presidents.

Please remember that for Science (everything except Science Spin and Health Studies Weekly) our class is learning about Earth’s Surfaces with Ms. Polatis throughout this month.

We’ll be going on a field trip to Discovery Gateway on Thursday, March 22. Here is the permission slip; I will be sending them home today or tomorrow. The permission slip must be returned by this Thursday for your child to have school lunch. Also, please contribute to our field trip by donating $4 to the office if you are able.

Upcoming – Prepare yourself:


  • 5th Grade Maturation Program: 6 pm – 7 pm
  • Girls will be in the Library and the Boys will be in the Gym. Here is the permission slip for that – please read over it carefully and return it with your child ASAP. Even if your child will not be participating, you need to check the “No” box and return the slip. I will also be sending home a paper copy if you are unable to print it.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Simpson

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Week of March 5th

***MATH: We will be taking the End of Module 5 test on Monday. On Tuesday we will start Module 6: Problem Solving with the Coordinate Plane (my favorite module)! We should be able to get through the following lessons this week:

Today we will be switching again for Science. Our class will be going to Ms. Polatis to learn about Earth’s Surfaces. The Science schedule is as follows (though may change due to assemblies, etc).

Monday 1:05-1:50

Tuesday 1:05-1:50 and 2:10-2:30

Wednesday 1:05-1:50 and 2:10-2:30

Thursday 1:05-1:50

I will be teaching Mrs. Brotherton’s class about Electricity and Magnetism. Please check out the “Science” tab on my blog for more information about Science.


This week we will be doing spelling book unit 23 (commonly confused terms), and USA Studies Weekly Week 23: Changes in Industry and Transportation. We will also continue to work on the Utah Compose argumentative writing assignment: Should we change the National Anthem?

I am hoping we have enough time to complete the research for the President reports this week, so they will be due this Friday. Students will have time to complete these during school. The requirements can be found on my google classroom, join code: h3o126z, as well as here: US President Report Requirements.

In Language Arts we will also be doing assignments for Figurative Language, Text Structure and proofreading. Tomorrow we will do 35 minutes of Moby Language in class.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Remember to regularly check Aspire to stay up-to-date with your child’s grades and missing assignments.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Simpson

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Week of Feb. 26

Hello Parents and Students!

***MATH: This week we will be doing lessons 14-19. Students are responsible for completing 50 MobyMath and 50 zearn minutes. Please check Aspire for missing assignments***

This week will hopefully be less chaotic than last week. We had a great time on the field trip to the University of Utah to test out our abilities in engineering. Students made boats out of duct tape and cardstock, a tower out of straws, tape and paper clips, and a “fish” out of clay. Many students were also very excited about a few camels that were outside of the building.

Students are working on Scholastic News this week, cover story: The Cold Facts and Skills Sheets. We will also be doing spelling book unit 22 and USA Studies Weekly Week 22: Reconstruction (read, graphic organizer and online quiz). We are doing week 3 in Health Studies Weekly (crossword, online quiz and graphic organizer). There is also a Geo Spin (Parading in the Streets).

On my google classroom is the President SEM project. We will be working on this in class as time permits.

Have a fantastic week!

Mrs. Simpson

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