Thanksgiving News

I will write more later BUT!  Parents, there is NO HOMEWORK this week. NONE! Kids do not know this yet. I will write more later today. Hope your Monday is a HaPpY oNe!

Mrs. Savage


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Good Afternoon EVERYONE!


* PLEASE bring extra pennies for the grade level penny war happening here at school. You can put the pennies in the water jug marked 6th. Silver coins count against our final tally. You can put silver in other grade level jugs though.

* Moby Max/ Prodigy needs to be signed and returned weekly. Kids work on it for one hour weekly.

*Please send BOX TOPS our way! We are working on a FREE DRESS DOWN for the 6th grade.

*On TUESDAY, 11-21-17 (next Tuesday), we are headed to the MOVIE FIELD TRIP to watch WONDER. We are reading and listening to the book in class now. Your child NEEDS, MUST be ON TIME this day. IF your child is late, they need to go to  Mrs. Myers’ room. Our class is leaving at 8:30 am for the theatre in the first group. If your child has NOT turned in the permission slip, I MUST have it by this  Thursday, 11-16-17. Most have already turned in their slip. Parents going need to meet us at the theatre that morning.

*Grades are current.

*The weather is changing. Please make sure your child is dressed correctly for the weather, including a coat. They DO go out to recess, short of  inclement weather.

*We are still doing morning snack each day. Keep it healthy though.

I will add more tomorrow.

Have a WONDERFUL night!

Mrs. Savage

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Welcome to Second Quarter!

Hello Kiddos and Parents!

Welcome to Second Quarter!

*I have fielded a few questions regarding grades as they stand now (11-7-17). I input more assignments than have been assigned as of today, trying to plan ahead. If your student’s grades are lower than previous times, please do not worry. Worry ONLY IF they did not get FULL credit on their homework from last week. Homework overall was lacking it’s usual efforts and wonderfulness. I told kids that they could turn in their work up to 11-8-17 (that is tomorrow) all week in class if they did not turn it in ON TIME last week. If they do not, they will earn a zero for last week’s work.

* Please remember to send snacks to class  for your student for the mid-morning break, along with water. This can be a water bottle that can be refilled as necessary or a plastic water bottle.

We are still in need of BOX TOPS.  We need 215 more to dress down. We can do this!!

*The Fall field trip permission slip was sent home today (11-7-17). I need this returned by THIS Friday please. Parents, you can join us if you want to. Come sign up at the office and pay for the movie. You can MEET us at the theatre on NOV. 21st around 9 am.

*This Friday is the LAST day of clusters for this round. NOV. 17th is the showcase from 4-6 pm in the gym. COME and CHECK out your kiddos work then.

*THANK YOU Great Artist parents who come and help out! YOU ROCK!

*There has been a small issue with being prepared for PE on Tuesday and Wednesdays. PLEASE ensure you kiddos are dressed appropriately for PE when they arrive at school. Tennis shoes and modest clothing that they can move in is necessary.

*The new book report was assigned, Historical Fiction. The kids are more than aware that they are to be reading now for a good week now. Please ask about what they are reading .


unpleasant, absent, practical, neutral, turbulent, rival, rational, instant, talent, partial, label, legal, cruel, distant, tunnel, typical, channel, ignorant, central, material

MON: alpha-order, 5X each, TUES: definitions and sentences (we have Great Artist on Wednesday afternoon and will lose work time. Sentences will be expected to be done on Thursday at the latest).

*MATH: still working dividing decimals. It can be difficult. We just started division of decimals so little by little it will become easier.

*GRAMMAR: Nouns and Pronouns, ask to see their class work.

*SCIENCE: Planets

*HISTORY: United States’ regions

*WRITING: ask to see their warm-ups for writing .

*REMINDER: each student needs to keep a paperback dictionary in their locker to use in class weekly.

*IF your kiddo is sick, keep them home. Flu season has hit! UGH! Their work will be kept for them to get when they get back or to be picked up. Sleep is the BEST medicine. They will be missed but their sick germs won’t be. You can email me and let me know they are sick also if you want to.

*We are in need of the following classroom supplies:

college ruled notebook paper, #2  pencils, Clorox wipes, colored copy paper (please no red because it is hard to read when printed on), twisty crayons and twisty colored pencils.

Thank you VERY much for ALL you do to help out our classroom in infinite ways!



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Box Tops Needed!

Hello WONDERFUL Ladies and Gents!

We are getting SUPER close to earning a FREE DRESS down! Booyaa! Bring in BOX TOPS please…we want to dress down AND help the school TOO! Have a wonderful day!

Mrs. Savage

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Clarification regarding assignments

This week’s SPELLING words are:

adore, authority, carbon, carpenter, carton, circular, concern, confirm, curfew, curtain, dirty, foreman, furnace, ignore, insert, mortar, partner, purchase, territory and therefore.

MON: alpha-order,  5X each and definitions. TUES: NO HWK due to Halloween WED: sentences, underline the spelling word in each sentence and practice SPELLING test in class and THURS: work due and SPELLING test

MOBY MAX: 1 hour due on Thursday. Kids write down lessons they did and what they learned. Parent signature required on this paper. This is part of their Math grade from now on. They can do Prodigy also if they have an account. I am trying to get everyone a Prodigy account currently this week.

Book report 2 requires a Historical fiction, or Historical novel. I will send home exact info for the written report next week. I need them to start reading now. This is due December 7, 2017.

Math: we are still working on decimals. This week we are focusing on multiplying and dividing decimals.

SCIENCE: the Earth, Sun and Moon

History: Introducing Canada

Grammer: NOUNS


HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!



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Second Quarter IS HERE!

Good Morning Everyone!

Today is the first day of Second Quarter. First quarter grades will be DONE tomorrow at the latest.

Just a warning…your kiddos are SOOOOO excited for Halloween! Speaking of Halloween…NO, ZERO, NADA, NONE candy is to come to class. If it arrives, I take it FOREVER. Costumes can be worn but NO: face paint, masks, gore, weapons and costumes MUST be modest. Please do not forget to send an afternoon snack for the party after lunch JUST for your kiddo. Thank you for returning the permission slips for the party quickly. NO signed permission slip, NO party tomorrow.

ThAnK yOu SOOOO mUcH for the Great Artist moms who helped out last week! Look forward to another amazing session on Nov. 8th at 1:15 pm.

We are in MAJOR need of  #2 pencils, erasers,  college- lined notebook paper, clorox wipes and colored copy paper (neon, pastel and primary colors).  Each student needs a paper back dictionary to keep here in their lockers. We use them daily.

Picture retakes are NOV. 2nd. Please plan for this IF you need retakes.

Think that is all for now. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for ALL you do to help make my time with your kiddos easier! HaPpY mOnDaY!

Mrs. Savage


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Good Afternoon Everyone.

Just a few reminders…

  • Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences are THIS UPCOMING Wednesday, October 11th and Thursday October 12th in room 225 at the time that you signed up for in 15 minute increments.
  • PLEASE continue to collect BOX TOPS. When we reach 350, our class will get a dress down day. YES!  We have 65 currently recorded and more waiting to be recorded.
  • Late morning snacks need to be healthy. Fruit, cheese, crackers. I told the kids NO MORE Cheetos (they stain). Also watch the super sugary treats such as twinkles and straight sugar foods. While these are YUMMO…please keep to healthy snacks.
  • Please send water bottles for your kids to refill with water during the day also.
  • We are still in need of volunteers to help with the Great Artist program. Please email me at if you can help out once a month for about 2 hours.
  • First Quarter is ENDING 10/27/17.
  • Grades are current, short of their weekly quiz, which will be put into the grade book next week.
  • FALL BREAK!!! October 13th at 12:35 pm thru October 22, 2017
  • Math–we are taking a MID-MOD TEST this week over ratios and starting decimals
  • History–we are in Western Africa
  • Science– Touring the Universe
  • Reading–Book report due Monday, October 23, 2017. Assignment paper was given to kids this week WITH INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Writing–We are focusing on imagery, staying on topic, correct grammar and spelling and following directions the first time with assignments.
  • Spelling we are reviewing Units 1-7 this week with an activity.

Think this is it. If I think of anything else I will let you know.


Mrs. Savage

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MORE info!

Hello Wonderful Students and Parents!

Here is some more NEWS!

  1. Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences are ready to be signed up for! I emailed the document out today. I had assistance setting up the document and the dates are  wrong. I sent an email explaining this. The dates are October 11, 12, 2017. Conferences are in Room 225.
  2. PLEASE purchase a paperback dictionary for your student to define spelling words with in class and at home. They can keep it in their locker also.
  3. I am seeing chips, especially Cheetos. PLEASE no Cheetos. They stain. PLEASE make sure that your child’s snack is healthy.
  4. We are in need of more #2 pencils, college lined notebook, color copy paper (pastels and neon) and construction paper of ALL colors.

Thank you for ALL you do!

Mrs. Savage

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Unit 7 Spelling List

* Here is this week’s spelling list and assignments.

aptitude, understood, intrude, routine, proof, neighborhood, would’ve, cushion, fluid, tablespoon, could’ve, should’ve, through, goodness, approve, bulletin, conclude, introduce, teaspoon, assume

MONDAY: alpha order and 5X each

TUESDAY: definitions

WEDNESDAY: sentences. Underline spelling word.

* Grades are up to date as of today. Kids need a paperback dictionary to do definitions. They can keep it in their locker.

*I am still in need of an assistant or 2 to help out with the Great Artist program for one hour per week. I have a parent willing to lead it up but she needs some help. PLEASE email me at if you can help out.

* The First Quarter book report went out today. It is due on October 23, 2017. Kids need to have both written/typed copy ready to turn in and share orally with class the same day. I will give time in class to read daily also. They will need to read at home also to finish this assignment for about 30 minutes Monday- Thursday.

* MOBY MAX started this week. 1 hour per week. It is their responsibility to ask you to sign a paper stating what they learned, lesson they did, dates they worked on MOBY and amount of time. This will be built into their homework grade for Math weekly.

THANK YOU for all your support at home!

Mrs. Savage



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Part 2 IT’S FALL!!


MONDAY 10/2: cRaZy HaIr DaY!

TUESDAY 10/3: Uniform Dress

WEDNESDAY 10/4: CrAzY sOcKs DaY!






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