ONE more day of SAGE…

Good Morning Everyone.

*Just so ALL parents, guardians and kiddos know that the LAST day of  SAGE ClAsSrOoM testing will be WEDNESDAY, May 10th (tomorrow!). If your kiddo does not finish their Math test, they will be pulled out of classes to get it done while here at school. They have enough time between tomorrow and pull out opportunities to complete what needs to be completed.

*Permission slips are out for the U of U field trips, along with pool parties. Please remind your kiddos to return these on time so they can participate in the end of year FUN times!

*If they have NOT turned in their registration work for next year, they need to do so immediately. Give to our school counselor.

*Tutoring and after school clubs are done next week. ALL kiddos in these clubs and tutoring programs will have NO reason to stay after school.

*May 11, 2017 is the Cluster Showcase from 7:40 – 9ish AM in the gym. Come check out your kiddos work from CLUSTERS this Thursday morning when you bring them to school.

*Grades are being updated daily as much as possible.

*Lockers will be cleared and cleaned out VERY soon. You might want to encourage kids to bring home unnecessary belongings, such as decorations, coats and other non-academic stuff. Also, kids need to clean out binders and notebooks. If they are missing work, then this work may be found.

*ThAnK yOu for ALL you have done to make this year WoNdErFuL! 14 more  school day wake-ups until SuMmEr starts! Let’s keep the HaRd WoRk AND PoSiTiVeNeSs flowing and finish StRoNg!

Have a GrEaT dAy EvErYoNe!

Mrs. Savage


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Well, the time has come for the Math Sage Test! I can NOT wait to see how my students and your kiddos do!

PLEASE make sure that the kids get PLENTY of rest, outside play and healthy food in the mornings especially and lunch. If your child has an afternoon class, please also stress eating lunch. There is NO Math homework from May 8-12, 2017. This week I need for them to focus on this test and I will give them time to work on classes other than Math.

The end of the year is in 16 wake-ups now, counting only school days. The week of May 15- 19, 2017 will be the LAST week for homework. Participation of course will count until I lock grades by May 30th.

Please send a water bottle with your child to school so that it can be refilled. The weather is   getting warmer. The kids have been encouraged to bring a water bottle to SAGE testing so they can focus more on the test and not lose time leaving the class.

Kids are bringing home a pool party permission slip for the end of May. There will be one or two more coming, depending on your child’s JR High grade level.

Remember that you can email me that your child did their Moby Max,

Hope your weekend is perfect and sllooowww!

Mrs. Savage



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Hello Everyone! It’s May ALREADY…OYE!

Grades are updated as of today. Thank you for emailing your children’s MOBY MAX/KAHN reports. This is the LAST week before Sage Testing next week. PLEASE ensure that your child eats a healthy breakfast, encourage lunch (some do not eat lunch), gets LOTS of rest and plays outside, after school, especially next week. Also make sure that they are on time to school. For those who have opted out of SAGE, your children will be able to go to another room during testing to work on other classes work. There is NO homework next week, including MOBY MAX/ KAHN .

There are many activities coming up this month. Clusters is done on May 10, there is a dance May 11 and May 12 is an early out, along with the Leopard Run at 4:30 pm. Talk with Mrs. Burr regarding the last event.  This Friday, May 5 is a FULL day.

Homework is due May 4th this week;  1) 45  minutes Moby/ Kahn. As always, you can email me with your child’s results with this or sign a paper, 2) turn in study notes for SAGE and grade check 3.

Thank you again for ALL your support!

I will add more later this week. Call or email with any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Savage


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Welcome Back!

I hope that your Spring Break was perfect!

This week was busy with trying to get to MOD 4 test for both grades but kids were not ready. We will be testing for sure on April 26th. This week was filled with LOTS of review of MOD 4 and filling in holes of understanding with basic math skills.

SAGE is coming up May 8th! We are working hard to be prepared for this state assessment daily. Students should practice basic skills and work on MOBY MAX if they finish their homework in class. ASK to see their homework nightly for “A” days. ASK what their warm ups were like each day.

Next Friday, April 28th, is a Early Out. Clusters are now half way done. There is an Art Show at the conclusion of this round of CLUSTERS. Come check out their work. Info will follow later in May.

Tutoring is STILL OPEN! 3:00- 3:30 pm Monday – Thursday. PLEASE take advantage of this! It will help when SAGE comes as well as next year. At this point, I do not have any meetings after school next week.

MOBY MAX can be emailed to me if you wish to or continue signing their note that is due weekly. MOBY/ Kahn helps immensely to fill in basic skills and other less strong skills. I am still requiring 45 minutes weekly. If your kiddo needs to do this here after school, they need to get a computer and come to my class after school from 3:00 – 3:30 pm during tutoring time.

I added a weekly grade check sheet that the kids fill out and update prior to turning into me with their homework weekly. Advisory kids do this twice weekly. It is vital that they know where they stand academically during the week.

Think that this is it for now. Enjoy your weekend! Email, call or send a note regarding any questions or concerns. Thank you for ALL your support this year on behalf of your child at home and helping our classroom even better!

Mrs. Savage



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4th Quarter???…Already?!

Good Morning Everyone!

This is the first full week of 4th quarter. There is approximately 43 days left of this school year. 8th graders have this quarter left to practice earning GREAT grades by staying on top of their classes. 7th graders have one more year. OYE!


Grades for 3rd quarter are now locked as of Friday 3/24/17. Fourth quarter’s grade book will be up and functioning this week. Kiddos already have grades for this new quarter. I know huh?! Just because I am THAT kind of AWESOMEO teacher!


Tutoring is STLL in effect! IF your student does not understand what they are learning in Math class, PLEASE have them stay from 3:00 to 3:30 pm Monday- Thursdays. I am happy to help them understand concepts BEFORE and AFTER school.


SPRING FEVER has hit! This is a HARD time of year for ALL of us who just want to play outside! PLAY TIME is coming…in about 43 days.  Check with your student about their grades. Check their grades at least twice a week on ASPIRE. If you have any questions about what you see, ASK their teachers. We are more than happy to share info regarding their grades with you and how to help them at home!


Your student has started SAGE testing. Math tests start in a couple weeks. I am reviewing past work and moving forward with new concepts as quick as I can once I can see their understanding. PLEASE make sure your student is NOT absent or late to school. Check with their teachers regarding dates of testing.

Kids NEED to rest and eat well especially during these weeks. Sleep is also vital. These test results help to place them next year as well as show their academic progress.


Baseball Season OFFICIALLY starts April 3rd!!!…YES! I am just KINDA SORTA excited about this,  just in case anyone is interested in knowing this little piece of information. Games count, effort counts!…JUST like individual student’s work!

April 3-7, 2017- is TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK. Look for info through emails or handouts regarding this.

April 7, 2017- is FUN FRIDAY. Kids have been warned about this date. I will continue to warn them also.

March 31, 2017- Early Out day AND Spirit Dress Down day.

April 9-16, 2017- SPRING BREAK! BOOYAA!!!! PLAY TIME!

Think that is it for now.

Have a WONDERFUL week! Stay dry. We CAN do hard things…like focus when we want to play outside. Thank you for ALL your support this year!

Mrs. Savage


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Thursday, March 9, 2017 is another rendition of THRILLING THURSDAY!, THURSDAY!, THURSDAY!

IF your student is missing ANY work or has a D grade or below in any class, your student will have to go to a study hall. I have conferenced with my “B” day classes since yesterday to make sure that they are aware of their grades and who to talk with if needed. I will do the same with my “A” day only kiddos tomorrow. They are more than aware of positive and negative consequences of grades with one allowing play/FuN tImE and the other will be  s-t-u-d-y/ h-a-l-l /t-i-m-e. PLEASE have your kiddos make sure ALL work is turned into the correct classes by tomorrow before leaving.

March 14th is Pi Day! 

Permission slips have gone home with my “B” day kiddos today and will go home with my “A” day only kiddos tomorrow. I have to have the permission slips signed and returned to me or else no pie on Pi Day. If you want to donate pie, please mark it on the permission slip.

End of 3rd Quarter…already???

YEP! About 3  more weeks and we are in 4th and the LAST quarter of this school year! Have I told you how much fun it is to teach your kiddos lately??? Well…it SOOOOO is FuN!! I am STILL here after school Monday-Thursdays from 3:00- 3:30 pm for extra help. STOP BY FOR HELP with QUESTIONS. DO NOT wait to fill in a Math hole later. Math builds on itself.


We are competing to see which home room can collect the most $$$ for leukemia. You can donate online under your child’s homeroom classroom or have your student bring $$$ in and put it in our box. There is a box in my room. The winning room gets lunch with Olive Garden, or free dress down day. The funds stay in Utah to help local patients.

In Other NEWS…

8th grade is starting MOD 4 tomorrow (Wednesday 3/8) and 7th is finishing MOD 3 Friday (3/10) and will begin MOD 4 next week.


The LAST cluster session starts up on March 15th. There will be another Art show in May. We are seeking out VoLuNtEeRs for clusters if you are interested in helping out.

Think that that is all for now. Have a PERFECT sunny day!  It looks WONDERFUL outside my window. Please ASK questions as they come to you. Email me at or call the school.  I do respond quick as possible.

Mrs. Savage


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Last Friday of Feb! WOW!

WOW! Time flies when you are having fun!

It was WONDERFUL to visit with everyone last week! PLEASE let me know if I can help out more.

Tutoring is STILL AVAILABLE Monday-Thursdays 3:00 – 3:30 pm. This week though, I am ONLY available to tutor on Monday, FEB. 27th this week due to meetings and  an AWESOME Sub Thursday and Friday, March 2-3. 2017. I will be out of town on these days. Kids know what is expected by way of choices and consequences that will follow with choices.

Grades are current. If you see an “M” by a grade, that means that it is missing. I am now using this to show what is not in  instead of leaving it blank. Seventh grade took a quiz on Thursday, FEB. 23rd. This will be graded on Monday in class. Eighth grade took their MID MOD 3 on 2/23/17. This will also be graded in class and put into the computer on Monday also.


  • March 1, 2017 is the Second Art Show show casing our cluster work in the gym at 6 pm.
  • Thrilling Thursday IS coming NEXT WEEK! KEEP working on those grades and getting work in on time!
  • NEXT Friday is a HALF Day. SCHOOL ends at 12:30 pm on 3/3/17.

Have a PERFECT week ! See my kiddos on Monday! May your weekend be SLOOOOOWWW!

Mrs. Savage



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12 weeks and counting!


This is such a BUSY time of year!

A few announcements for this week.

**Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences are THIS week!!! SOOO excited! I hope to visit with each of my students and their parents/guardians this week. Wednesday, FEBRUARY 15th from 1- 4 pm in the gym and Thursday, FEBRUARY 16th from 4-7 pm in the gym. This will be THE place to be! Party central! I am offering 15 points of  EXTRA CREDIT only if students come with their parents. We are on early out schedule from WEDNESDAY, Feb. 15th- FRIDAY, Feb 17th. Your kiddos leave us here at 12:30 pm. Please ensure that they eat breakfast these days especially since lunch is at 12:05 instead of 11:30 am.

**Grades are current**

PLEASE make sure that your kiddos stay up to date with their assignments. It’s easier to enjoy some fun IF they are not missing work OR earning grades less than a “C”. I am STILL here after school most days, unless there is a meeting, from 3 – 3:30 pm Monday thru Thursdays. I tell the kids daily to come ask ????? if they are confused about something before or after school. I do not see enough kids after school judging by some grades. I do have a meeting on Valentines Day after school with a parent so tutoring is not going to happen tomorrow.

**Speaking of Valentines Day…HaPpY Valentines to each of you! I completely enjoy working with your kiddos daily!

SPRING TRAINING starts THIS week!!!! SOOOO excited!

Look forward to visiting with you in a couple of days!

Mrs. Savage


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It’s the LAST Friday of January…already!

Hello Parents and Students!

This week was BUSY! Next week is BUSIER! Between field trips for 8th and 9th grades and clusters, class time was seriously cut this week BUT your kiddos worked super hard! I have to brag about of my students for a second. Not only are they growing taller but I am watching them transform into 8th or 9th graders daily. They make this teacher VERY proud! They are concentrating longer and more often, as well as,  concerned about their grades more consistently. Hopefully each of them will not forget me next year as they pass the door of my kingdom. You should be VERY proud of your kiddos!

Heads up for the next few weeks! LOTSSA’ NEWS!

* We are Practice Sage testing. If your student has opted out, I will have them work on work from another class. We are planned to test on January 31, FeB 1 and FeB 6. Unless your child is contagiously ill, PLEASE make sure they are here to do this practice test. It helps me to know what I need to review more for the REAL Sage test later in the  Spring, as well as lets students know just how prepared they are as individuals for SAGE. For some, this is a HUGE eye-opener. Many suddenly realize they HAVE to pay MORE attention in class and turn in work.

* Also, we have to do another MOBY MAX Assessment. For some reason, it did not take for today’s “A” day group. I will try again today before I leave for the weekend. I told the kids to start it on Monday for homework. This will count for MOBY this week.

* Parent/Student/Teacher Conference time is back during the week of  FeB 15-17, 2017. These are half days for the kids. I am offering 15 points of extra credit ONLY if they show with parent(s).

*FeB 20, 2017 is President’s Day and a day OFF!

Think that is it for now. If you have any questions or just want to let me know something, email me or send a note with your student. We are still in need of soft kleenex, copy paper (color does not matter as long as the paper itself is not TOO dark), pencils, pencil top erasers and Clorox wipes. THANK YOU to those who donated this week! VERY much appreciated! Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Savage

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Third Quarter is Here!

BOOYAA! I am pleased with grades! Give me to 4 pm to lock grades. The grades you see are final. Your kiddos worked hard in Second quarter! We will  continue to work hard in 3rd quarter. PLEASE continue to ask to see the MOBY MAX paper weekly from your student and make sure to sign it. Homework starts next week for this new quarter. Make sure to see it weekly. It is ALMOST test season….I will be reviewing daily as well as introducing new material. Please make sure your student is present as much as possible. If your kiddo is sick,PLEASE keep them home IF they are contagious. Flu season is almost done. Thank goodness. Also, do not forget that tomorrow (Friday, Jan.20, 2017) is a half day. Kids leave at 12:30 pm.

We are in need of some donations: white copy paper, colored copy paper, #2 pencils, pencil top erasers, big SOFT, non-crunchy kleenex boxes and Clorox wipes. I appreciate ALL you do to make teaching easier! It may seem small to you but it’s HUGE to us here! Continue to stay in touch with me via email, notes or phone calls. I will continue to respond quick. If I do not get  back to you that day, I will the next morning. I do not take the computer home usually so I see your emails from the night before in the mornings.

Thank you again for making teaching easy here! Have a GR8! night!

Mrs. Savage


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