Spirit Week!

Good Afternoon!

Here is an update as to what is going on for the Month of October as it is Anti-Bully Month.

This next week, starting October 2, is spirit week!





10/2- crazy hair day

10/3- wear any school colors shirt with school pants

10/4- Crazy Sock Day

10/5- Team Jersey/shirt Day

10/6- Spirit Dress Day

The week of  October 9, the second week in October, the theme is Make Friends with Someone You Don’t Know. Please encourage this to your child to reach out and make a new buddy.

  • There will be a door decorating contest that week. This is where I will need some help! Judges will go around on Friday, October 13th. Please let me know if you are interested and willing to decorate our classroom door. 
  •  Theme is anti-bullying. Anything that promotes Anti-bullying and is age appropriate will do, I’d really like to tie in the idea with the weeks theme of being a new friend. Any ideas and suggestions welcome!

Week of October 23 is another Spirit Week. This is the National Anti-bullying and Anti-Drug week. I will keep you informed about the details on this one later.

On October 27 there will be an Assembly to wrap up our anti-bullying month festivities.

Thank you for all of your continued help and support! We are excited for this upcoming month!

Carley Ketcham

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If you click on the zearn it will take you directly to the website. This can be found under the math tab in the future, select the math tab and click directly on it rather than scrolling down to the different modules. This is a great tool to help support all children learning and loving math.

For students to be able to login they can use the orange card in the front of their docket. The username is the same as the password. It is just their first name followed by their 4 digit lunch number.

With Zearn Math, students learn in two ways: Independent Digital Lessons and Small Group Instruction. During Independent Digital Lessons, students learn at their own pace with digital manipulatives, paper and pencil transfer, and precise digital feedback at the moment of misconception. In Small Group Instruction, students work with concrete manipulatives, explain and share their math reasoning, and get direct feedback from their teachers and peers. Combined, every student has a daily personalized learning experience.



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Weekly Update!

Oh Happy Day!!


This week we are diving into measurements for math with a quick unit on centimeters and meters. We will be testing on that this Thursday. New spelling words will be given out tomorrow and we will continue working on nouns. We have finished up our social studies unit and will be learning about life science as our next focus. We also have LIBRARY so please bring those books back.

Our class is in need of thin sharpies for an activity on Friday. Regular sharpies could work but thin ones would be best. We are also needing more baby wipes. Thank you for your donations and help on this!

We love to celebrate birthdays! It was fun being able to have lunch with the September birthdays today in the classroom and get to know those students a little better. Please keep in mind that the school policy states that treats and favors of any kind cannot be handed out by the student or parents.

Please remember that our dress code is POLO style tops in white, Kelley green or navy. I had a few students today in jumpers that were out of dress code. Retakes are in a few weeks and we ask that they be in dress code for the pictures.

Parent teacher conferences are coming up in October. I will be sending out a sign up sheet this week. Please keep a look out for it.

Let me know if you have any question!


Carley Ketcham


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First Math Test

Good evening,

Tomorrow will be our first math test over Module 1 covering foundations for fluency and initiating fluency with numbers up to 100. Many work samples have been sent home. Please look over those so you can see what your child may need additional help on.

It is really important that students show there work with making a number bond. Within these given problems they need to MAKE a 10, TAKE a 10, or use LIKE terms/units. 

If we are adding we can only MAKE 10 or ADD like units. If it is a subtraction problem we can only TAKE 10 or SUBTRACT like units. It is beneficial to look at the problem and see if there is basic like units we can add or subtract within 10: 3+4, 60+10, 7-2, 90-40, etc. Once we know we cannot use like terms we will need to either TAKE a ten or MAKE a ten depending on what the problem is asking.

Below are a few problems for your child to work through to help them be further prepared for the test. There are 2 problems for needing to MAKE 10, 2 problems for needing to TAKE 10 and 2 problems just using like terms. Please keep in mind that students must make a number bond to show their work. Yes, some problems can be solved within their own head for now, but I need to see work so we know where mistakes are being made. As the year goes on, it will get more challenging for them as we introduce different strategies. These are skills to help increase understanding in how numbers work together.

43 + 30 = ____

80 – 6 = ____

8 + 67 = ____

97 – 6 = ____

26 + 7 = ____

35– 7 = ____

If you’d like further information on this Module check out the parent tips page under the math tab in Module 1.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Carley Ketcham

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Weekly Update!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week! We had our first day of clusters on Friday and the excitement on the students faces were fun to see. Friday went by rather quickly as they also enjoyed their Playdough creations that afternoon with Mrs. Stott.

Our Week At A Glance:

SEM Activity on Friday: Please remember we are in need of some old newspapers this week.  Students will be using them to create the Beautiful Oops with Mrs. Barnes.  We are still taking shoeboxes and Playdough as well. But our kiddos are using the newspapers this week!! Thank you to everyone who sent items in last week and continue to do so, we appreciate it so much!***

Math: We are still working on Module 1.  This week we are continuing to check for better understanding and answer any questions that may come up.  As a whole grade we decided that an additional week on these skills would benefit everyone.  The students all agreed!! 🙂 We will be taking our Module 1 test on Thursday. Keep in mind that tutoring is available on Wednesday and Thursday if you feel your child would benefit.

Language Arts: We finished benchmarking this past week and will wrap up the DIBELS testing this week. Grammar: We will be learning about Nouns (person, place, things and animals).  Spelling: New words are given out on Tuesdays. We test on Mondays! Writing: We are working on using complete sentences and being able to pick out the incomplete sentences from our work.

Social Studies: We will continue our discussion on Good Citizenship throughout the week.

Homework: The new Choice Menus have been uploaded to our blog. Please be sure to send in signed tickets with your child so they can be put into a drawing.  Please also remember to record reading minutes and initial on the log so that they get credit for that, I check them every Monday for a grade. If your child has misplaced their reading log, you can access it under the homework tab on the blog.

Looking Ahead: School picture day is in a week on Monday, September 25th.

  • Visit: mylifetouch.com
  • Enter: UM557025Q1
  • Order: your perfect package – and don’t worry about returning anything on Picture Day!
  • Have questions, please contact Lifetouch at 800.736.4753

One Call Opt In: Make sure you don’t miss out on any important information from Ascent.  TEXT: Alerts to 22300

Thank you to those that have signed up for Bloomz; we will be using that in the coming the coming weeks. I hope you all have a great week!

Carley Ketcham 🙂



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Oh Happy Day…

Benchmarking is done except for DIBELs! We will be doing a good portion of them tomorrow. Students are allowed to bring in a blanket, pillow and BOOKS! This will take place in the afternoon. Students will not be sent to call home if they do not bring any of these items. I have books in my class that they can read.

Students can bring snacks everyday. They will be allowed to eat those during second recess. With tomorrow being a Read-A-Thon, I will let them eat in the classroom. This is for your child to eat ONLY! Students are not allowed to share snacks or food of any kind. This is a school policy! We want to protect all of our students! With that in mind, please do not send anything with or that contains nuts, regardless of if your child has an allergy or not. Please keep in mind that this is for snack time especially. During lunch students can bring things that contains nuts because there is a place designated for those that have allergies. PLEASE talk to your students about not sharing food.

Library books are going to be handled differently this year. Students get to check out one book weekly. They can check it out the following week if they are still interested in keeping the book a little longer. Students are expected to return the books. If a book doesn’t come back within a week, I will be emailing you about it. If the student does however bring the book back the next week, they will be entered into a drawing. A drawing will take place monthly. Mrs. Rutherford is also going to be doing a BIG drawing at the end of the year for a Kindle Fire.

Cluster placements have been assigned and our first round starts on Friday. Please refer to the cluster tab on the blog to find out where your student will be during that time.

I am so proud of the students and their patience as we work through benchmarking! I am excited to be able to finish up with DIBELS so we can move onto further instruction. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Carley Ketcham

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Weekly Update!

I have a great class and love being able to work with them everyday. They sure do know how to bring a smile to my face!!

What We Are Learning: 

  • Math: We will continue working on Module 1 and will be wrapping it up by the end of the week. It is short unit on Initiating Fluency with Sums and Differences Within 100. There are also some great resources under the Math Tab on the blog with PowerPoints for you to see how they are being taught the different lessons as well as a parent tips sheet.  
  • Language Arts: We are testing for reading placements. Spelling – students are now in spelling groups and that will be starting this week. Writing–We are working on complete sentences and will be taking a writing benchmark this week.
  • Social Studies: We are focusing on citizenship.
  • Homework: Students will be getting a reading calendar this week, 20 minutes every school night is the minimum expectation. Please initial and state how many minutes were read each night. Under the homework folder you will find our second grade choice menu to complete as optional homework. Once an assignment has been completed, please fill in the ticket tab at the bottom of the page and return to school the following Monday.
  • Specials Rotation from 12:00-12:40:  Monday~ Music, Tuesday~ Library; P.E. (2:00-2:40), Wednesday~ Computers, Thursday~ P.E.

Dockets~ Each child has been given a docket. this should go to and from school every day. Inside the docket are some folders. You will first see a colored folder that is labeled for the reading calendar. Please keep the reading calendar in there daily, so when it comes time for me to grade them they can get the necessary points. There is also a manilla folder labeled “Take Home”. This is for completed papers that have been checked and are ready to be sent home. If there is ever any work that you notice is incomplete please have your student complete it so it can receive a grade. Also, you will find a green folder that contains unfinished work. This is work that we are still working on at school. Please do not have them complete this at home. The yellow folder is for writing. This is where they will keep the writing papers as they are working on the assignments. The red folder is their spelling folder. Spelling can be practiced at home, I just ask that the spelling gets put back in their folder and makes it back into their dockets so they are always prepared for school. 

Friday Journals~ Friday journals will also go home with your students in their dockets on Fridays. This is a journal where they will be writing to someone in the home about their amazing week. Please take some time over the weekends to write back to them. This is a great way for them to practice their writing skills but to also be able to communicate what is going on at school. I know that my class is really excited to hear from you each week! Thank you for your help and support on this.

Tutoring~ Tutoring stars this week! Math and reading will be offered Wednesday and Thursday from 3:00 – 4:00. We have decided to run tutoring a little different this year as the second grade teachers will be working with any second graders that may need additional help. I will be doing Math in my classroom 111 and Mrs. Barnes will be doing Reading in room 113. Please let me know if you wish for your child to stay after school on these days to get additional support and what area(s) you’d like them to stay for. This will be a great benefit for our students since we know what they’ll be working on during school and will know where we can give additional support.

SEM~ This months expression is Artistic. On Fridays in second grade, we will be rotating between classes and doing different activities on the monthly expression. This will allow for students to be able to gain a greater understanding of the different expressions and become familiar with how they best like to express themselves. This month we are in need of some playdough, paper plates, shoeboxes and old newspapers ready for recycling. Please send these supplies in as soon as possible. This is a great time for volunteers as well. We would love some additional helping hands from 11:20-12:20. If this is something you are interested in helping with please let me know.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I hope that y’all have had a safe and fun Labor Day!

Carley Ketcham

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And We’re Off…

I had such a great first day getting to know each of your scholars! What an AMAZING group of kiddos I have this year. They are already learning so much about what being a 2nd grader is all about. Today we went over general procedures and read some notes left behind by former students. We also did a fun web activity and talked about those wonderful first day Jitters. It was fun to see the students interact with one another and hear the excitement. I sense that it is going to be an excellent year full of enthusiasm!!

A big shout out to YOU as parents! Thank you for taking the time to make it out to Back to School night and putting forth the effort in your child’s education. I was blown away by the amount of supplies donated this year and the willingness to pitch in and help volunteer your time in the classroom. If you did not have a chance to fill out the yellow and orange forms please do so and have your scholar bring it back to school by this Friday, August 25th. These forms help me get to know your child better and what expectations you have for me this year.

If supplies have not yet been bought for your child, I highly recommend getting the personal supplies purchased so they have the necessary tools to help them be successful this year!

We will start homework after Labor day. This will allow for kids to get on a schedule and get into routine of school expectations first. 

I look forward to getting to know your scholar better as we continue to learn and grow together! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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What a GREAT Year!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help this year in making it a success! I sure have LOVED working with your children this year!!!

Here are a few fun pictures from our last day adventures! I have also included the K-3 slideshow below so you can enjoy that as well.  Have a wonderful, safe summer!!




  • Tuesday May 30 – Thursday June 1st 8:00am – 3:30 pm
  • Friday June 2nd  – Friday June 16th 9:00 am – Noon (except Thursday June 8, Office will be CLOSED for Training)
  • Office will be Closed from Monday June 19th – Friday August 4th
  • Monday August 7 – Friday August 11 9:00 am – Noon
  • Regular Office Hours starts Monday August 14th (8:00 am – 3:30 pm)
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Final Countdown!

Happy Monday!!

Can you believe that this is the last full week of school? It sure has gone by fast. Today we took a Trip to Third Grade to ask them questions. The students were really excited to talk with the third graders and get their questions answered. be sure to ask them what they learned.

We are ALMOST done with benchmarking. Hopefully we will be able to wrap it all up tomorrow! We will also be having our music performance tomorrow at 9am. Please come out and support your students. This will take place in the gym.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 3.02.48 PM

The book fair is going on NOW!

Monday-Wednesday from 8-4                                     Wednesday 5:30-7:30

Buy one, get one FREE!!!

Students can make purchases before or after school. We will also be going to the book fair as a class tomorrow at noon. They will be able to make purchases at that time as well.

This is the countdown for the rest of the year will go as follows:

  • U- Uplifting Others
  • V- Very Clean Class
  • W- Watercolor Day
  • X- eXtraordinary Day
  • Y- Yearbook Day
  • Z- Zoom Home

Field Day is happening on Thursday, May 25th- Please send your students with sunscreen, a water bottle, and towel…there will be water activities! Each grade level is asked to have students wear a certain colored shirt, they can wear jeans or any other free dress down wear other than their shirt which would be BLUE for second graders. This is a free dress down day type of shirt. it can have things on it as one as it is school appropriate. Lunch will be a little different to accommodate some of the game schedule that our parent volunteers have come up with! We will be having lunch from 11;30-12 and they will be serving an outdoor barbecue for this if your child is having school lunch. Volunteers are still needed for this: 


Friday, May 26th is an early out day. We will be having a Show and Tell. Your child can bring in one item to share with the class. i just ask that no pets are brought in for this. We will also be having our final dojo store that day.

On the last day f school, May 31st we will be having an ice-cream social along with playing board games. if a game is brought in please make sure your last name is at least on it. I’d hate for the game to not go home with the owner. If you are willing to bring in items for the ice-cream social or volunteer, please sign up below.


Thank you for all of your help in making this such a GREAT year! please let me know if you have any questions.

Carley Ketcham

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