Welcome to the Blog!

Parents and students WELCOME to Mrs. Hogenson’s Kindergarten class 2017-18!

I can’t wait to meet you and I am SO excited for this year and all the fun things we will learn and do! Also, congratulations, you found our classroom blog! This will be your best and most important resource this year, so please bookmark it and subscribe to it so you get notified when I add new posts! To subscribe look on the right hand side of the blog for “Subscribe to Mrs. Hogenson’s Heroes by email”, click and type in your email! On the blog you will find tips, resources, helps, pictures, fun videos, stories, announcements, and lots of other things. EVERYTHING you need is here! Please take a few minutes to explore and see what’s available to you here.

I love to help and answer questions, so please feel free to contact me by either leaving a comment here on the blog or sending me an email at chogenson@ascentutah.org. I’ll fill you in on some other ways to get in touch with me when school starts 🙂

Again, I can’t wait for this year! See you soon!

Mrs. Hogenson