Harry Potter Reading Challenge

If you need a Hogwarts reading challenge log, click <here>.


  • Read books that are just right for you (does NOT have to be Harry Potter)
  • Fill out the reading log including your NAME
  • Add up your minutes
  • Have an adult sign the page
  • Complete all the above and at least 200 minutes to be placed in a drawing

Other Harry Potter Month events:

  • Students sorted into one of four Hogwarts house
  • Houses competing for a house cup
  • Other small activities in the library such as coloring, word challenges, etc.

Book Fair Poster Contest!

I am so excited to announce our first ever book fair advertising poster contest. Help us remind everyone about our book fair. See the flyer by clicking <here>.

I’ll see all those great posters by February 3rd and all our fabulous families supporting our book fair February 15-17. See you there!


❤️Mrs. Erni, 📚


BOB Meeting Updates

Today, September 31, was our first meeting. It was great to see so many readers in one room having fun. We drew pigs, learned how BOB will work, had a snowball fight, and checked out BOB books.

Next week the meeting is geared toward the 2nd-4th grade BOB participants.

It isn’t too late to join BOB. Unlike the other clubs, BOB is a one-time fee for the entire year. The club form is available via a link on the school Facebook page, our web page, in the office, or this link: http://farmington.ascentutah.org/?page_id=424.

If you have questions, e-mail is the best route since I am either working with students or working at our other campuses.

I’ll be seeing you at the next BOB meeting.

Happy reading,

Mrs. Erni


Governor Herbert has made school attendance an important part of every student’s education. Your can read his official declaration by clicking <here>.

If you want more information on what constitutes chronic absenteeism, the effects of absenteeism, and suggestions to help reduce absenteeism, please click <here>.

I am looking forward to seeing you in class.


Biographical Poem:

(First name)

(Four traits that describe you)

Wishes to

Dreams of

Wants to

Who wonders

Who fears

Who likes

Who loves

Who wants to see

Who resides in

(Your last name)



(emotion) is (color)

It smells like

It tastes like

It sounds like

It feels like

It looks like

(Emotion) is (metaphor=comparison not using like or as)




Three to four synonyms

A line to describe a little more

(last two lines are 6-7 syllables & a rhyming couplet)



A poem you can read down and up. It should have two different meanings or be from two different points of view.



5-7-5 syllables

No rhyming

About nature



Using just the titles of 3+ books, tell a story.



A free verse poem.

The shape is as important as the words.

Poetry Notes and 16-page Book

Poetry Vocabulary


Imagery: words used to appeal to the visual sense – paints a picture

Sensory Details: words which appeal to the five senses

Tone: Mood of a poem


Personification: giving human-like qualities to something not human

Hyperbole: extreme exaggeration

Simile: comparison using “like” or “as”

Metaphor: comparison where one thing is liken to or becomes another


Onomatopoeia: the word sounds like what it is naming or describing

Alliteration: words with the same beginning sound are used one after another

Rhythm: musical quality of a poem obtained by using stressed and unstressed syllables – the beat

Rhyme Scheme: the pattern of rhyme or same ending sounds


Stanza: a group of lines which expresses a thought – a poetry paragraph

Narrative Poetry: poetry that tells a story

Free Verse: the only rule is there are no rules


16-page book using one piece of paper:

To view the video, click <here>. It is a .pptx file with an embedded video.