Flat Stanley

Dear Parents

We recently read the book “Flat Stanley” by Jeff Brown. Stanley is a boy that gets flattened accidentally to a mere ½ inch thick. The book describes the many adventures Stanley has due to his “thin” status. One of the adventures that Stanley has is when he travels to California for a vacation through the postal system in an envelope!

Our class will take their very own Flat Stanley home over Spring Break! During the break, your child is encouraged to include Stanley in their activities and adventures. Your child can write about what they do with their Flat Stanley, take pictures of Flat Stanley with them over the break, and even decorate their Flat Stanley with items from their Spring Break week.

I will be gone the Monday we return from break, so your child will be invited to share their Flat Stanley with the class on Tuesday April 10th. They CAN include any and all writing, photos, and/or decorations they collected. This is such an exciting way to share about our Spring Break with each other! Thank you for supporting your child in this fun project.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. I’d be happy to help! We’ll see your child, and their Flat Stanley, on April 10th.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Ms Cerny


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Guide to Making New Friends

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Grades and Logging in to ASPIRE

Hello Parent(s),
As you know last Friday was the last day for Term 3 grades. I will be double checking any last minute assignments and emailing grade emails later tonight.
I would like each student to know their username and password for their ASPIRE accounts. Please share this with them and have them write it on the inside of their YELLOW HW folder.
IF you do not have an account yet on ASPIRE, click on the IMAGE below to request a USERNAME. You will need your child’s birthdate and their Student ID number.
Starting tomorrow, I will be meeting with each student walking them through how to log in to ASPIRE. It is my goal to show every student how to log in to ASPIRE on their own so they can learn how to be responsible with checking their work and GRADES for TERM 4.
Also remember that everyone has some sort of HW to work on. Either Reading, ZEARN/MOBY MAX, and or possibly unfinished classwork. We take time as a class every day writing in our planners. Please ask your child to show you their planner to know if they have work to finish that day.
Stay tuned for Grade emails later tonight, and let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Ms Cerny
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Grades/Missing Work

Hello Parent(s),

Thank you for your patience with grade and missing work emails this week. Grades are updated, so please check ASPIRE for more detailed information.

The NO NAME board is completely covered, so remind your student to check it tomorrow


Again, please log in to the online grade book for more information.

ASPIRE: https://ascent.usoe-dcs.org/Login.aspx

I would like to teach students how to check their own grades on ASPIRE, and give them some of that responsibility as well. If you could please give your child your username and password for ASPIRE that would be great. They can write it on their YELLOW HW folder so they can go back to it. My plan is to meet with each student starting tomorrow, show them how to log in, and check their grades/missing work on their own.

My hope with this, is that students can become more responsible and take ownership for their work/grades. That way if they ask me, or you ask them what they are missing, they can grab a computer and check.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Ms Cerny

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Maker Spaces: Coming Soon!

Hello Parents!

We have really enjoyed Flexible seating in our classroom the last 2 weeks! Thank you to the families who have donated or let us borrow stools, pillows, and lap desks. I hope your student has been talking to you about how well it is going.

Our next project in the classroom is going to be something called “Maker Spaces.” Students will be able to go to the maker space when they are finished with work, and invent/build/create.

I have been collecting items from home, cartons, bottles, yarn, etc. I will be bringing these items in to help get our Maker Space started. I have asked students to look around their houses, talk to parents first, and bring in anything they thing could be turned into something else. We welcome all donations. : )

Thank you for your support this year, we could not participate in Flexible Seating, Maker Spaces, and other differentiated activities without your help.




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You Matter!

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Flexible Seating in our Room

Dear parents,

I am so excited to share that flexible seating will be happening in our classroom. The idea is that every student has a different learning style, and as their teacher I want to empower each student to choose which seat in our classroom best meets their needs. Students will start to have a variety of seating options throughout the day. They will no longer be tied to sitting at one place, in the same way.

For the first stage, students will be rotating through a variety of options. For the next two weeks they will be able to work at standing desks, lowered desks, and regular desks.

In the second stage, we will be adding scoop seats, T-Stools, and a few other options. Students will be filling out a contract, that states that their goal is to work where they can be the most successful in their learning.

In the final stage, they will be able to come in and choose where they sit each day, and even make changes throughout the day, depending on the activity. IF a student needs help making a better seating choice, I will then help them.

I am so looking forward to tailoring our classroom learning environment to meet your child’s needs. We are looking for donations to help with seating. If you have any of the following and are not using them, we would love to put them to good use. Thank you for your support and please let me know if you have any questions.

           – Pillows                   -Stools for higher desks

Thank you,

Ms Cerny

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Box Tops!

We only need   46 MORE BOX TOPS for a Free Dress!

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Science Links: Weather Instruments

Watch the video with your table group, and figure out how to make your assigned weather instrument.



Wind Vane



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Happy Monday: 2/26/2018

Happy Monday!

Today we had a wonderful time visiting the Aquarium, and taking a class on Fossils. Students started to continue their research back at school today, and they will be creating Google Slides on their assigned exhibit tomorrow. Be on the look out for these, they will be posted on our blog by the end of the week.
We did ask for a $4 dollar donation to help pay for the cost of our transportation to the field trip, if you were not able to turn that in before today it is ok. You can turn in donations any time, any amount you can afford to donate will really help make it possible to go on more field trips. Please send any donations with your student, or come into the office.
Grade/Missing assignment emails have been sent out. We have had a lot of our kiddos out sick, so please check ASPIRE and talk with your student. Remind them to come see me tomorrow so we can work out a plan to make sure they get caught up.
Tomorrow students will be revising Geometry, and taking their final test on the Chapter. They will also have a Great Artist lesson tomorrow. We will be started Fractions on Wednesday.
Every student should be Reading and studying Spelling for HW each night, along with working on the targeted skills that we discuss at your conference. Whether that be more math practice, reading practice, spelling, and or writing.
Thank you to our chaperones who helped make the field trip today run much more smooth! We will be having another field trip at the end of March, so if you did not get a chance to go today, there is still a possibility you can come on the next trip. You will need to have your background check done through our school.
Last, stay on the look out for pictures from the field trip today, James and the Giant Peach Projects, and Science Projects. They will be posted on the class blog this week.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me.
Warm Wishes,
Ms Cerny
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