Welcome Back and Weekly Updates: 10/23

Hello Parents and welcome back!

I hope you had a wonderful fall break?
Just a reminder that this week is Red-Ribbon and Anti Bully week. We also have our first Great Artist lesson tomorrow.
Grades will be updated tomorrow for the week before break, so be on the look out for those emails.
Students have Reading HW and Spelling to study at home, however they can also practice more based on their specific needs. Below are a few places they can go for more practice. They have their log ins written down on their HW planner.
prodigy math
Readworks.org ( class code: QWDVMW)
Raz-kids (starting next week)
After conferences, a few students have decided to use an assignment tracker, if we discussed this, please ask your child to show them their tracker, sign when they complete their work. The tracker needs to come back to school each day.
If your child is NOT using a separate tracker, they should still be writing their HW down on their October planner. Ask them to show this to you as well.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,
Ms. Cerny
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Weekly Updates: 10/2

Happy Monday,

Thank you for your patience with grades and updates last week. That cold really knocked me down. Also, a big big thank you to parents who graded work and came in to help. I COULD not have done it without you.

Grades are almost up to date, you can check them right now if you would like. However, some students found work in their dockets today and/or on the no name wall. These assignments will be added today, and I will be sending out emails after school.

Today in class, I put up a slide of all the work that should have been turned in over the last two weeks. Then, I passed back the graded work I had, and students checked the list to see what they were missing. Some students found work in their dockets, and turned them in. There are over 20 assignments on the no name wall, so if your child is STILL missing work after this afternoon, I would have them check there.

I will be printing out missing assignment lists for students first thing tomorrow morning.

This week is Spirit Week, tomorrow students can wear a school colored shirt ( Navy Blue, Kelly Green, White) to school with school uniform bottoms.


Conferences are technically from Oct 11th-Oct 13th, however I would like to be able to meet with all of you, and I understand afternoon work schedules so I have also opened up THIS FRIDAY, the 6th.


Conferences will run about 15 minutes, with 5 minutes in between to allow for time to wrap up and prepare for the next conference. Please try your best to be on time, if you miss your time, we will have to re-schedule or conference via telephone so we can stay on track with the appointment times. I know that things come up, so if you do miss your appointment or come late, please email me so we can schedule a make up time. It is important to me, that I meet with all of you to check in and share how your child is doing, and what you would like to see continue/change.


Please sign up for a time that works best with your schedule, be sure to mark your calendar since they are still a few weeks away. I will send home reminders the week of conferences. Friday, February 13tth will be a makeup day if needed. Please email if the times below do not work with your schedule, and we can arrange a better time.



Please let me know if none of the times work for you, and we can set up another time to meet. My goal is to meet with everyone.

Thank you again for your support,

MS. Cerny

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Please click on the link below to set up a typing account:



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Weekly Updates: 9/5

Happy Tuesday,
I hope you were able to enjoy the 3 day weekend?!
A few updates and reminders for this week: Every student has Reading HW at least 4 nights a week, for 20 minutes a night. Your student may or may not have CW to finish at home each day. In order to know for sure, ask your student to show you their green planner and their unfinished classwork folder.
If your child has spelling words this week, they should also be studying them at home. Remember, there is no mandatory spelling HW that students have to turn back in to me.
I will be sending the first grade email out by the end of this week. I wanted to give students a couple weeks to build up a few assignments in the grade book. After the update this week, grade emails will be sent out every two weeks.
Lastly, please check my blog for more info. I have had a few parents ask about volunteering in the classroom. We would love to have you in our room, there is a link on my blog to a parent sign up sheet for volunteering. It is cleared out every two weeks so that you can sign up for repeating days, or as you become available, I have included the website to the Volunteer sign up sheet below. Simply copy and paste it into your browser to view the sign in sheet.
Parent Volunteer Link:
Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
Have a wonderful week,
Ms. Cerny
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Weekly Update: 8/28/17

Each Monday students take a pre-test on the spelling pattern for that week. If they score 20/20 they do not have spelling words to study. These students will still be working on higher level activities in class, where they apply the pattern. If students score 19 or lower they have spelling words to study, and a chance to take the spelling test on Friday.

There is no mandatory Spelling HW that needs to be turned back in, but it is still their responsibility to study at home and prepare for the Spelling test on Friday. We went over a few ways to study today in class.

IF your child has spelling words, they are  in their unfinished classwork folder (YELLOW), and they will also be posted on the blog by the end of the day.

Also a reminder, that reading HW has started this week. Students need to read AT LEAST 4 nights a week for 20 minutes a night AND record their reading on their green calendar for credit. Students may also have unfinished classwork to finish at home, if so it will be in the same yellow folder and it will also be written on their planner. For example, students may have Morning Work Week 2 Day 1 to finish from today, problems 1-10.

If you have any questions, please let me know,

Miss Cerny

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What an AWESOME 1st Day!

I had such a great first day getting to know each of your kiddos! They are already learning so much about what being a 4th grader looks like. Today we went over general procedures and classroom/school routines. Throughout the week we will be collaborating on various projects like our class mission, what we expect from each other and so much more.

Benchmark assessments will also begin this week. These assessments will help me get a better understanding as to where your child is in the various subjects. They will also be taking different surveys and interest inventories so that we can understand how they like to learn and how they like to show what they have learned. If you still have the green parent survey from back to school night ( if you were unable to make it your child brought this home today) please return that by Friday at the latest.

We will be starting our About ME bag project tomorrow IN CLASS. Please send in a GROCERY SIZE brown paper bag and any materials, photos, art supplies, etc that your child would like to use by tomorrow. I also have a few supplies like construction paper, markers, paint, glue, colored pencils, and crayons. I was able to pick up a few extra bags, just in case.

Lastly, students do NOT have any homework this week. They may bring home activities that are unfinished from class. IF they do have unfinished classwork that needs to be finished it will be in their UNFINISHED classwork folder (YELLOW) at the very front of their docket. It will also be written on their MONTHLY PLANNER LOG that is green and kept at the front of their docket. All other folders have classwork assignments that will be continued in class. PLEASE DO NOT make students finish any work in any of the other folders at home.

HW will start next week, and consists of AT LEAST 4 nights of Reading, 20 minutes a night and any unfinished classwork. If students have spelling words next week, they will also be encouraged to study them at home, however they will not have any mandatory Spelling HW to turn back in. I will go over studying strategies with students next week.

Please also check the blog for updates and info, like the Parent Volunteer sign up link. Please email me or call if you have any questions or concerns. I am looking forward to an awesome year!

Parent Volunteer Sign Up:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ECn-B-pKWeEa3LmCrGzkyFv6uZ_ukW3vhm0E39w87DQ/edit

Warm Wishes,

Miss Cerny

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2017-2018 Here We Come!

I am so excited to start another school year at Ascent Academies of Utah, West Jordan. I look forward to meeting you and your kiddo at Back to School night on Monday, August 21st  from 5:30-7:00 pm.

Please click HERE for a copy of the 4th grade supply list. I know that back to school shopping can add up very quickly, so the 4th grade team has listed materials based on what students will NEED that first week. While lined notebook paper is listed under needed, we do not need any right now for our classroom. 

Other supplies that will be used throughout the school year are listed as wish list items. These wishlist items are NOT needed the first week, and can be donated any time throughout the year.  Please make sure your child puts their name on the composition notebooks ONLY. All other supplies will be shared, so individual pencil boxes will not be used. 

Students in my classroom will need to bring in a set of headphones for their personal use. They will be labeled for each student, kept in the classroom during the school year, and sent back home at the end of the year. For storage purposes we are asking for earbud type headphones that fit into the ear, instead of the kind that fit over the ear. 


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4th Grade Weekly Updates 8/29/2016

Happy Monday!
I hope your student enjoyed their first week in 4th grade, and you had a wonderful weekend.
Every Monday I will be sending out a Weekly Update email that will have classroom and school wide announcements. You can also find this information on my classroom blog. Please see updates for this week below, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
– Homework has started this week:
1. A daily Math Exit Ticket (half a page) due back the next day. ( This is to help check for understanding for the lesson in class)
2. 60 minutes of Mobymax Math due every Friday, but checked on Monday morning. Go to www.mobymax.com to log in. Your student knows their log in info.
3. 20 minutes of reading, 4 night a week due Friday but also checked on Monday to allow for any “extra” reading time for the week
4. 20 points worth of spelling choices due by Friday. (Please the Lang Arts Tab under subjects to access the Spelling Choices handout for this month, or click HERE.)
Some students may have classwork to finish at home, if they do not finish it in class. This is a case by case basis, please check your students planner that is located in their HW folder. This planner is meant to STAY in  their docket because we write in it daily. 
– Parent Volunteering
I will be sending out the google doc to sign up for volunteer opportunities this Friday. We will start volunteering next week.
– Calling Home
There has been a lot of traffic in the office after school, with students calling home. So, there is a new phone policy. If your student needs to call home for any reason they are to call from the classroom phone until 3:10   when the office phone opens up. I have also reminded students to leave parent(s) messages if they do not answer. : )
– Homework Club
After school HW club has started this week, in the Library. This is a great time for students to work on any HW, especially Mobymax if access to a computer at home is frustrating. HW club is from 3-3:30 Mon-Thurs.  Students are expected to come and work, or they will be sent to the office.
-Math HW helpers and Parent Tips
I understand that sometimes helping with math can be frustrating. I have attached Math HW Helpers and a Parent Tips page to help with the half pg Math Exit ticket each night. You will also find math video clips by going to Math under subjects, then Math Videos and HW help. You an also click HERE)
– Math Journals/Notes
Students have a math journal in their docket that they are using to take notes/examples from each lesson, this can also help them on their half pg Math Exit Ticket. This journal needs to stay in their docket, and not be  left at home. Students will be using it daily in class.
Thank you for all of your support at home as we get HW started. My goal with HW is that it is NOT parent work, but a way for students to practice skills they are learning in class. I understand that students should be able to have time for extra-curricular and family time each night, which is why all of the HW ( but 1 assignment) are due at the end of the week. Our school does not assign HW over the weekends or holidays, but I have allowed wiggle room for MobyMax Math minutes and reading minutes, by checking these two items on Mondays. 
Your child should NOT be staying up all hours of the night working on HW, or getting frustrated. If this is happening please encourage them to put it away, and then send me a note or email me letting me know. HW should take no more than 45 minutes a night, not including the 20 minutes of reading. This is in accordance with our network’s policies regarding HW. 
Thank you again for all that you do to help your kiddo succeed, 
Have a wonderful week,
Miss Cerny
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Back to School Supplies

Can you believe the summer is winding down already? As I am getting ready for the year to start, I find myself getting more and more excited to meet my new group of 4th graders. As your family prepares for the new school year, please reference the supply list below for classroom supplies. Please note, that your student only needs 5 items. : ) Unknown


4th Grade Supply List

The 4th grade team has compromised a short list of Needed Supplies for your child to use this year. Please DO NOT go off of the lists you see at various stores, they will not need all those items. We have also provided a Wish List of items for projects throughout the year. Students will have access to all classroom supplies regardless of donations made.

Supplies needed for School

  • 1 pack of wide ruled line paper
  • 5 non-spiral composition books with your students name (line paper)
  • 1 pack of #2 Pencils
  • 1 ream of white copy paper
  • 1 package of Dry Erase Markers


Wish List (Not needed, but can be donated any time throughout the year)

  • 1 package of pencil top erasers or pink erasers
  • 1 set of colored markers
  • colored pencils
  • 2 glue sticks or Bottle of glue
  • 1 box of tissues or 1 container of clorox wipes
  • 1 ream of colored paper (construction paper and/or cardstock)
  • A pack of post-its

Please Note:

Please DO NOT write your name on any of the supplies except for the notebooks, these supplies will be shared with everyone in the room.


IN 4th grade, we are transitioning into learning how to be independent and share classroom supplies. Their will be supply baskets at each table, so we will NOT be using pencil boxes or bags in 4th grade. If students bring these in, they will be sent home.

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Utah Deserts: Journal Time

As an early finisher, click on the picture below and and answer the writing prompt given.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.29.40 PM

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