Hackathan May 6-7

GSV Salt Lake HackathonHackathon

If you are interested in participating in a Hackathon, please see the above information.  There are limited spaces available.

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USU Physics Day at Lagoon May 12

USU Physics Day is on May 12!  The students will be completing projects in math class and are looking forward to it.

Cost:  Because so many of our students have Lagoon passes or work at Lagoon (which they can use on this field trip), we are able to use our field trip fund to cover the rest of the costs.  It would normally cost about 35 dollars.

Fun:  The students will be able to ride all rides, however the water park is not open

Dress:  This is a dress-down day, students should wear appropriate clothes for an amusement park.

Parents are responsible for picking up students at Lagoon, Lagoon will close at 4:30 that day, make arrangements with your students to pick them up at the Lagoon drop-off or inside the park.

Here is the form!  I’ll be passing it out in class after spring break.

LagoonFieldTripForm (3)

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Term End

The term ends today and a new term starts tomorrow.

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Stained Glass Windows

We did a slope activity where the students used equations to plot a stained glass window.  I think they turned out very pretty and it gave students a chance to practice y=mx+b.


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Pi City Scape

Today we started our Pi City Scape.  I had students take digits of pi  and represent them in building form and we will create the number Pi throughout my room.

File_000File_000 (1)

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Dr. Seuss Week

Just a note that Dr. Seuss week is next week.  We will start off with Monday as crazy socks day and Thursday will be green shirt day.  With lots of activities in between.

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Mobius Hearts

This week we made Mobius Strip Hearts.  Although due to technical difficulties I was not able to show the directions in class.

Here is a short video explaining how to do it. Doing these type of activities leads to helping the brain process better.  And it helps decorate my classroom :)


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Parent Teacher Conferences


Next Wednesday and Thursday are (February 15 and 16) are Parent-Teacher conferences.  Dinner for JH teachers is 5-5:45, we will be leaving for dinner at that time.

We have been asked to talk for no longer than 5 minutes with each student and their family.  If you need additional time, please make an appointment for a different time.

It will be done open house style.  If for some reason you cannot attend on those days, please make individual appointments with your teachers on Friday.  I am not planning on being here on Friday as that is a B-day and I am not normally here.

Please know that I am here on A days until 4 (bar the occasional meeting).  If my door is closed, please knock.  I am right next door to the play practice and so sometimes I close my door so I can get things done or else I get distracted by the beautiful singing.

If am still not there I’m probably in the office or talking to another teacher.

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Math Game

On January 31, we will be doing a game and submitting our answers to an online forum found here.  http://mathforum.org/yeargames/yeargameentrys?form

Here are the rules of the game and a work sheet if you would like to do it at home.  The answers are due by February 1st on the forum.  I only expect them to submit the ones they do, they do not need to do all 100.



Our rules: use the digits in the year 2017 and the operations +, -, x, ÷, ^ (raised to a power), sqrt (square root), and ! (factorial), along with grouping symbols, to write expressions for the counting numbers 1 through 100. This year we will also allow the use of decimal points and double-digit numbers. Please read and follow the rules carefully if you wish to have your solutions posted on this site.

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Welcome to Math Lab

Welcome to Math Lab.    Our Disclosure is found under the Disclosure tab on the blog.

I’m excited for a new semester.

Students must bring a notebook (spiral or composition) the first day and leave it in class.

I would also like students to bring

2 black or colored Expo markers

a pack of pencils

a ream of paper (to be donated to the JH paper supply)

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